The Checklist for Vacations with Dogs

So that the dog and the human can enjoy the holidays in a relaxed manner, there are a few things to consider when planning and packing. The list helps ensure that nothing is forgotten.

It’s Worth Thinking About Your Four-Legged Friends Right From the Planning Stage. If You Start Preparing Early, You Will Have Less Stress in the Days Before Departure:

  • Discuss trips and destinations with the veterinarian
  • Check country-specific regulations for specific dog breeds
  • Stock up on essential medicines
  • Check the validity of the general and country-specific vaccinations and make up for them if necessary
  • When traveling abroad, clarify the entry requirements (embassy)
  • Find out whether dogs are allowed in the planned accommodation
  • If necessary, buy only food available at home

For the Luggage:

  • EU pet passport (when traveling to the EU)
  • Number and contact details of your own liability insurance and a veterinarian in the resort
  • Transport basket, muzzle (mandatory in some countries), leash, basket, or blanket
  • Fresh drinking water, water bowl
  • Dog bag and shovel
  • Food treats, can opener
  • brush, comb, towel, toys

For the First-Aid Kit:

  • Medications that the dog must constantly take
  • Anti-motion sickness and tranquilizers
  • anti-diarrheal remedies
  • Wound spray/disinfectant
  • eye and ear drops
  • Wipes for cleaning eyes and paws
  • tick tongs
  • dressing material

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