The Dog is Constantly Running Away: What to Do?

Lost dog announcements and sad stories about escaped pets are unfortunately not uncommon. The dog can run away from the yard if he lives outside the city, or in the city while walking. If this happened for the first time, some measures are required, but if the pet runs away regularly, it is worthwhile to understand the problem deeper so as not to lose it forever.

Finding Out the Reasons for the Escapes and Further Actions

In order to prevent your pet from escaping, you must first understand what prompts the dog to run away.


The dog can remember the place where something scared her, and subsequently, each time try to run away from him. In this case, you need to find out what kind of place it is, and try to plot another route for walking;

If you live outside the city, try to create a shelter at home for your dog to hide. Then you will know where to look for her if she is afraid of something;

Also, the animal may be afraid of loud sounds (car horns, explosions of pyrotechnics, thunder). Then, as soon as possible, take the dog away from the source of the sound.

The dog is bored

If the dog runs away in your absence, then it is probably very boring and goes in search. In such a situation, you need to try to entertain the pet while no one is at home. You can hide treats in different parts of the house, buy new toys for your pet, or even make a friend for him;

If the dog is overly nervous, you should contact your veterinarian, who will prescribe her a course of special sedatives. However, in no case should you treat your pet yourself;

The dog can run away also because it does not waste its energy, and it is boring for it to sit alone at home. In this case, in addition to the previous advice, you should often actively play with your pet or, for example, go out with it every morning for a run.


Often the reason for the escape of a pet from the courtyard of a private house maybe its excessive curiosity. Having become interested in something, the dog can dig under the fence or even jump over it. If you know that a pet is able to forget about everything, having noticed a cat, a big car, or a passer-by with food, then you need to try to make sure that the dog can always find something interesting in the yard. You can hide treats (but not on the ground) or toys, it is important to remember to leave enough water.

Yard Security

A dog can only run away regularly if it has the ability to do so. To avoid this, the territory in which she spends most of the time should be as fortified as possible and isolated from the outside world.

Usually, the main escape route is through the fence. The dog can make tunnels, climb on low, nearby objects and jump over them, can crawl through holes, and even open doors. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to monitor the integrity of the fences and to ensure that nothing helps the animal to overcome them;

Hunting dog breeds are distinguished by their love of digging, and they dig quickly. To protect your pet from escaping, you need to properly strengthen the fence. The easiest way is to lay out large stones along with it. You can also place a wire mesh under the fence, which will not allow the pet to get out;

Some representatives of large breeds can easily overcome a fence that is twice their height, it is important to take this into account when building it. Its surface can be made uneven or curved inward to prevent the dog from catching.

How to Behave with a Dog?

A pet that knows the basic commands (“To me”, “You can’t”, “Sit”) will understand the boundaries of what is permitted. From the very first day the dog appears in the house, it is important to teach him where to go (if the plot is large), where to wait when the owner comes. You can’t kill a dog’s digging or jumping cravings, but you can teach him to obey you when the game gets too far. However, no commands will help if the dog runs away out of fear;

After the dog returns, it does not need to be scolded. She must see that she is welcomed and loved at home. It is worth punishing a pet at the moment of escape if you find him trying to climb over the fence. However, it is important not to overdo it here. The person, and especially the owner, should not cause fear in the pet.

If your dog is constantly running away, you need to take control of the situation in a timely manner. No matter how trained, intelligent and loyal the pet is, it is dangerous for him to be alone on the street.

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