The Dog Tears Up the Wallpaper: What to Do?

An energetic dog is a hurricane that is sometimes ready to destroy everything in its path: gnaw on shoes, table legs, sofa upholstery, or wallpaper. And if it is quite possible to restrict access to furniture or shoes, then the situation with the walls is more complicated. How to wean a dog from tearing wallpaper?

Dog destructive behavior is a common problem. Some pets are partial to shoes and boots, others to furniture and wallpaper. It is necessary to start the fight against addictions by looking for an answer to the question – why does the dog do this?

Reasons for Destructive Behavior

Stress. Most often, the dog tears up the wallpaper in the absence of the owner. Therefore, one of the causes of stress can be boredom, melancholy, and loneliness;

Life changes. Moving, the appearance of a child in the house – any changes in the pet’s lifestyle can also lead to stress and negatively affect the pet’s behavior;

Lack of nutrients. Another reason a dog might tear up wallpaper is because of an unbalanced diet. For example, a dog may try to compensate for a lack of calcium by eating plaster;

Hyperactivity. The reason the puppy tears up the wallpaper most often is his activity. The accumulated energy that he could not throw out on a walk, the pet will surely throw out, destroying the apartment.

It is important to understand that not a single dog spoils wallpaper and other interior items simply out of harm, this is not a manifestation of a bad character. The reason lies in her lifestyle or health condition.

It is necessary to solve the problem of tattered wallpaper in a comprehensive manner, having gained patience and strength.

Walk your pet more often

It is very important to tire your pet while walking: play more with it, practice retrieving and other skills, and run. Before leaving for work, you can feed your dog tightly. A tired and gorged pet will hardly have the strength to destroy an apartment.

Check its health

A visit to your veterinarian will help ensure that your dog is in good health. After consulting a doctor, you can try to add calcium to your pet’s diet.

Don’t forget about entertainment

If the pet has become interested in wallpaper out of boredom, entertainment will come to the rescue. Provide toys for your dog while you are away. It is advisable to select different types of toys so that the dog does not get tired of the monotony.

Scold carefully

Negative reinforcement is not the best parenting option. But, if the dog begins to gnaw the wallpaper right in front of your eyes, you can scold him and show him a toy that you can chew on. Never shout or hit the dog – this is pointless and ineffective.

Use tricks

In pet supply stores today, there are a huge number of products with a repelling smell that is applied to furniture and walls in an apartment. But you should not show independence and use red pepper or citrus fruits as such means. This will only cause the dog to burn mucous membranes.

If all of these behavioral correction options do not work, one remains – limiting the movement of the dog. But, since it is impossible to lock the animal in the toilet or bathroom, and in all other rooms most often there is wallpaper, dog handlers recommend using a home cage or aviary.

Dog Crate – Prison or Own Space?

Many owners may resent the dog’s cage as a prison. And they will probably be right, but only in part. How the pet will perceive the cage depends entirely on the owner.

Why the cage is good:

The dog’s own space. This is a den, a rest and rest house in the representation of an animal;

Protection from children. The dog can easily climb into the cage – a place inaccessible to children, which will help it get rid of increased childish attention;

Furniture and apartment protection. A cage is one of the most effective ways to protect an apartment from destructive pet behavior.

The main thing to look for when choosing a cage is its size. It shouldn’t be too tight. The optimal cage is in which the pet can stand, walk and lie down. Do not be afraid to buy a cage that is too large, the most important thing is that it is not small.

Crate Training

In order for the aviary to be perceived as its own territory, and not as a punishment, it should be accustomed to it gradually. Feed the dog in the crate, provide it with toys and put a bed inside. It is categorically impossible to immediately close the animal in the cage, all the more to use it as a punishment. The owner’s task is to show that this is safe territory for the pet.


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