The Puppy Moves In: Preparation and Procedure

A puppy moving in with you? Read here what precautions you should take and how the first few days go optimally.

The arrival of a four-legged family member is a very special and exciting moment. In order for the puppy to get used to it as stress-free as possible, certain conditions should be met. Working people should, if possible, take vacation time in the first two weeks after the puppy has moved in. This not only makes it easier to train for housebreaking but is also urgently needed for the healthy, mental development of the dog baby.

Peaceful arrival in the new home

Once you have arrived home with your puppy, give it enough time and opportunity to examine and sniff its new home extensively. Under no circumstances should all family members rush at him at the same time. In the first few hours, caution and calm are advisable so that the new roommate is not frightened. Then show your pup his sleeping basket. Keep putting him in there and keep him busy there for a while. You can also combine this with the “basket” command right from the start. So he will soon realize that this is his place and quickly learn to go there even when commanded. Water should also be available from the first minute.

The first feeding in the new home

Once the puppy’s initial excitement in the new home has subsided, it gets its food. An eight-week-old puppy needs to be fed four meals a day. A feed change should only be done slowly. It is best to gradually mix the feed provided by the breeder with other feed. After feeding, take the puppy outside immediately so it can loosen up. The same is done when the young dog wakes up after sleeping.

The first nights with the puppy

A puppy, like a baby, still needs a lot of sleep. It is essential to allow him and allow him these resting phases. To make it easier to get used to it at night, it is best to place the basket by your bed. If your dog is very restless, you can put an alarm clock under his dog blanket. The ticking will remind him of his mother’s heartbeat and will calm him down. However, do not become weak despite this small, cute, and supposedly helpless creature. Don’t let the puppy into the bed. You are doing yourself and the little one a disservice. This would already be the first step for the little newcomer to compete with you in the hierarchy. It’s better to snuggle him to sleep in his basket from your bed. The tender touch of your hand will give him all the security and trust he needs to snooze as a puppy towards a new exciting day and a happy life by your side.

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