These 8 Sounds Can Scare Your Dog

Certain noises frighten dogs. Here’s how to tell if your dog is scared, how to avoid these noises, and how to help your dog when it’s scared.

Dogs have sensitive ears and usually react more strongly to noise than humans. If noises frighten the dog, this is shown by nervousness, restlessness or panicked attempts to escape. A dog may even injure itself.

You should watch your dog to see what scares him. Read here which eight noises dogs are typically afraid of and how you can help your dog if he is afraid.

Tips for fear of noise

If you know what scares your dog, you should avoid the noise as much as possible. In this way, stressful fearful situations do not arise in the first place.

If the noise cannot be avoided, you can try to associate the noise with positive feelings for the dog. For example, when there is a fireworks display, the dog gets treats or you play with it.

Be sure to provide your dog with a place to hide if he wants to. You should never ignore him when he is scared. Don’t rush him, just show him that you’re there for him. This is the best way for him to deal with the stressful situation.

Many dogs fear thunderstorms

A thunderstorm can frighten dogs for many reasons: a bright, sudden flash of lightning, cracking thunder, or a heavy downpour. The roaring wind can also frighten your dog.

In general, you should not go out with your dog during a thunderstorm. At home, you can keep him safe by allowing him to crawl into hiding. For example, your dog can hide under a table.

Never leave your dog alone in a violent storm. Give him your attention without pushing him. Show him that you are there for him.

Fireworks are too loud for dogs

For most dogs and dog owners, New Year’s means only one thing: stress. The hours of banging and the bright flashes of light can frighten the dog very much. Help your dog and stay with him when there are fireworks going off in the area.

Be sure to give him a chance to retreat during a fireworks display. Try to block out the noise as much as possible. Soft music your dog knows can help. Don’t turn it up too loud, though, or it would only stress your dog out even more.

Loud music and the TV turned up

Your dog can also get scared at home if the radio or television is turned up too loud. Even if the volume is appropriate for you, it may be too loud for your dog’s sensitive ears.

Watch your dog when you play music or TV. If he barks, is restless, irritable, or pants excessively, he may be bothered. Be considerate of him and turn the volume down a bit.

Household items make noise

The hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and other noisy objects can also frighten your dog. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to do without them. Allow your dog to bypass these items.

It’s best to only use these things when your dog isn’t in the same room or he has a chance to get away from the noise himself. This is how you avoid stress for your dog.

Fear of the car horn

Many dogs are startled when a car horn sounds. Understandable: It’s a loud, sudden sound. Continuous honking can also mean a lot of stress for the dog.

Take the strain off your dog by choosing walks where there is little car traffic and there is less chance of sudden honking.

Fire alarm, police and ambulance siren

A siren is always loud, after all everyone should be able to hear it. However, this volume is almost unbearable for dogs at close range. Be sure to consider the sensitive hearing of your four-legged friend!

If you hear that an ambulance is about to drive past you, you should react now and calmly steer your dog in a different direction. Once the ambulance has passed, you can continue on your route.

Construction site noise can be frightening

Jackhammers, heavy vehicles and construction workers shouting at each other. Very few dogs can stand the extreme noise of a construction site.

If you know where there are construction sites in your area, you should avoid them and take other routes.

Children’s noise can overwhelm the dog

Some dogs are also afraid of children screaming. Playing children are often noisy and when dealing with animals – albeit not with bad intentions – rough. They often still have to learn the right behavior towards dogs.

Children should watch their volume when playing with or near your dog. In addition, the dog must always be free to withdraw from this situation. For example, if he retreats to his basket, the children should not run after him.

You can also actively avoid playing children when you go for a walk to avoid stress for your dog.

With these tips you can keep your dog away from noises that frighten him.

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