Variety is Important

Unfortunately, it’s true: many family dogs lead boring lives. At worst, this leads to behavioral problems. The job of the dog owner is to provide variety.

Play and train

Whether it’s going for a walk or doing the right sport: fun and variety are very important for people and animals. When looking for a common hobby, it is therefore particularly important that you and your dog like it. It makes little sense to go jogging with him every day if you don’t really like running and to throw balls for hours if your four-legged friend prefers to track. Find out what you both enjoy! Praise yourself for doing something for your own health and fitness in this way, and also motivate the dog with praise and treats.

Everything has an end

But please also make sure that none of them is overwhelmed. Especially with young dogs, you have to be careful with everything that puts a lot of strain on joints and ligaments. Older or sick dogs should also be challenged more mentally than physically. To find out where your limits and those of your dog lie, it is best to start very slowly and gradually increase the training sessions. But no matter what you do with your dog: Play and sport are teamwork – and teamwork strengthens the bond with your dog!

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