Water and Beach Games

The cool water has much more in store for you and your dog than just a refreshing bath. Here are a few tips for fun summer games around the beach and water.

Have fun in the cool water

On special dog beaches, you can go into the water with your four-legged friend. Inquire at the city or municipal administration for the appropriate corners and treat yourself and your dog to a wonderful day at the beach.

You can make fetching water rats very happy if you let them get things out of the water. But you’ll both have even more fun if you throw the toy in the water and then both race to swim there. You can find the right floating equipment in specialist shops.

Very courageous dogs don’t swim themselves, but let others do the work for them: They ride on air mattresses or in rubber dinghies and rowing boats. However, please stay close to the shore so that the dog can swim the rest of the way if it should jump into the water.

What you should definitely consider

Important: Don’t let your dog jump straight into the water if it’s overheated. This also puts too much strain on the circulatory system in animals. Better: First just go in with your paws and let them wade in the water.

Many dogs are more likely to be splashers than swimmers anyway. You should never force these animals to swim, as this will only increase their aversion to water. Just accept your pet’s preferences, after all, you don’t let your hobbies dictate you.

Tips for hydrophobia

You can also have a lot of fun near the water without diving: For example, if your dog prefers to dive in the shallower shore area, you can sink heavy solid rubber balls or larger treats there for him. Or the two of you practice treading water à la Kneipp together in a stream. On the beach, you can play Frisbee or football together, dig in the sand, create water channels. Your dog will be fascinated by your ingenuity and will be happy to help you with any activity.

If you don’t have any natural water nearby, you can also use a plastic tub or a children’s paddling pool in your garden for variety. So that your dog doesn’t get injured out of sheer enthusiasm, you should secure the slippery floor with a shower tray insert.

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