Little Lion Dog

The lion in mini format – at least that’s what the breed-typical clipping of the lion gives it the impression it is. There is actually a brave character hidden under the mane: Robust and full of energy, this charmer is a cheerful companion. Find out everything about the Löwchen dog breed here.

Lowchens are extremely popular pedigree dogs among dog lovers. Here you will find the most important information about the Löwchen.

Size: small
Weight: about 6 kg
Coat length: long
Coat colors: all colors and combined colorings
Country of origin: France

Origin of the Lion

The Lowchen or the “Petit Chien Lion” comes from France. The pretty four-legged friend has been known since the Middle Ages and has been a popular motif in art ever since: in the cathedral of Amiens – built in the 13th century – there are two little lions carved in stone. In the 15th century he often adorned carpets with his proud silhouette.

The breed of dog, which is not very common, was mainly kept on aristocratic farms in Bourgogne in France. Then as now, the Lowchen is one of the rarer breeds.

The appearance of the Lion

With a shoulder height of up to 32 cm, the Lowchen is a comparatively small dog. Despite its small size, the Lowchen appears to be quite robust: Above all, its brisk and self-confident gait is characteristic. With the short body and the typical lion-like clippings, the lion actually has something of a proud cat of prey in it.

Coat and colors of the Lion

The coat of the lion is long and wavy, but not curly. The dense, silky coat can also take on any color and color combination.

Of course, the special clipping is characteristic of the Löwchen coat: It is clipped from the last third of the back to the hind legs – the paws and the tip of the tail remain unshorn. This gives the classic lion look that must be met for pedigree dog shows.

Temperament and upbringing of the Lion

Even if the lion looks like a cat of prey, its character is actually much more peaceful. Lowchens are very people-oriented: They are affectionate and enjoy lots of cuddles. Löwchen can be quite skeptical of strangers, but without appearing fearful.

In general, Lowchens are sociable and charming – they get along well with other housemates such as cats, children or other dogs. Lowchens are also alert: they like to share information without barking excessively. They are particularly adaptable.

Due to its friendly and attentive nature, raising a Löwchen is not complicated – consistent basic training is nevertheless advisable. Many Löwchen even have a lot of fun learning tricks.

Keeping and caring for the Lion

Of course, not every lion that is kept as a family dog ​​has to wear the lion look that is typical of the breed. Nevertheless, the dense, long fur of an unshorn Löwchen must be regularly groomed. Small twigs or grass that can get caught in the Löwchen’s fur during walks lead to matting.

How long you go for a walk with your Löwchen is less important: it is much more about the togetherness. Although a Löwchen does not necessarily have to do a dog sport, the four-legged friend can walk next to a horse or bicycle without any problems. Lowens can cope with any weather and can be kept in both urban and rural areas.

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