What Does The Dog Yawn Mean?

Just like in humans, when a dog yawns, it can be a sign of tiredness. But it also helps him to bridge critical situations. Read here how to correctly interpret your dog’s yawning.

Yawning is also an extremely useful way for dogs to fight against tiredness or lack of oxygen in the short term. Dogs usually yawn when they have been idle for a long time because the oxygen levels have decreased. When you yawn, more air than usual enters your lungs, which then pumps “fresh” blood to your heart. The dog’s body also tries to refresh itself by yawning when the energy reserves have been exhausted or used up after a long period of exertion. Yawning can also be a sign that the dog is exhausted.

Yawning in the dog as a skip action

In dogs, however, yawning is also a popular “jump act”, i.e. a motor activity that is not goal-oriented in the case of a jump. The dog does not yawn to relieve fatigue or to get oxygen. By yawning, he gives himself a “pause for thought”.

  • He yawns when faced with a decision that overwhelms him.
  • He yawns when he’s supposed to react with lightning speed, but doesn’t know-how.
  • He also yawns when he has “failed”, that is, out of embarrassment, for example after barking at a snowman, scarecrow, or the like.

The better you observe your dog’s behavior in different situations, the easier it is to understand him and better predict his behavior in the future.

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