Does My Dog Need a Dog Bed?

Pillow dog bed

Statistics show that humans spend an average of about 26 plus years of their lives sleeping in bed. Knowing that, how long do you think your pet dog spends sleeping?

There are different dog breeds, but the breeds mostly kept as pets are those that love to spend most of the day sleeping and resting. You shouldn’t be surprised to find your dog lying down in one corner or the other taking a nap.

Dogs are man’s best friend, so once in a while, your dog will casually jump onto your bed because it wants to sleep somewhere comfy or wants to spend time with you. This sounds like something you’d enjoy, but it has its downsides, especially if your dog hasn’t been trained very well or is the very active type. You might end up waking up to some dog poop on your bed. Worse, you might not be able to get any sleep because your dog spent all night jumping up and down on the bed. How can this problem be solved? By getting him a dog bed, of course.

Round dog bed

Types of Dog Beds

When choosing a bed for your pet dog, there are four options that you’d want to take a look at namely:

  1. Nest bed
  2. Pillow bed
  3. Orthopedic bed
  4. Mats

All these options have their advantages and disadvantages, getting the option that suits you best largely depends on what breed of dog you have.

We’ll begin with pillow beds. Pillow beds are super comfy and also have an impressive outward appearance. They are easy to maintain, and you can take them to the dry cleaners when they get too dirty. However, the pillow bed might lose shape after a while, especially if you own a big dog and he sleeps there all the time.

Pillow Dog Bed

Mats are an excellent option if you want a portable bed for your dog. You can always roll it up and pack it when you need to travel, and if you live in a room without a lot of space, it is definitely a better option than a pillow bed. The problem is that it isn’t as comfortable as the pillow bed.

Dog Mat

Nest beds are also an excellent choice for some dog breeds. Your dog’s comfort is essential, so you should get him the bed that’s best suited for him.

Nest Dog Bed

Orthopedic beds help dogs retain and improve their posture, reducing the stress and strain on the spine.


Since there are so many nice types of beds out there, it’s normal that you’d be pretty eager to get your dog one. But have you paused to consider why exactly your pet needs a bed? Besides the fact that it provides a place where your dog can rest, a bed also passes the signal that he needs to maintain its boundaries. If you don’t act at the right time, your dog won’t ever give you your space.

Let’s go back to health issues. If your dog is old and not as mobile as he once was, he will tend to sleep a whole lot more. He needs a bed to prevent him from getting postural problems. To reduce the strain that comes with old age, you’ll have to get him a bed, preferably of the orthopedic variation.


While some of the dogs don’t necessarily need a personal bed, a lot will be happier if they had one. The health benefits a dog enjoys by having a bed are worth you purchasing one. Remember, even though they are animals, everyone loves their personal space. Although dogs can’t speak, your furry friend will appreciate you for getting it a bed it can call its own.

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