Which Pet is Best for Me?

In order to answer this question, certain living conditions should be examined more closely.

One thing must be clear when purchasing any animal: You should be as honest as possible with yourself. Otherwise, animal suffering cannot be avoided in the long term. We explain below how to find a suitable pet and which details must be observed.

These Considerations Should Be Made

If you’ve already decided to buy a pet, but don’t know exactly which one it should be, there are a few things that you should definitely clarify in advance. In any case, this includes:

  • How long does the animal have to stay alone a day?
  • Is there someone who takes care of the animal when you travel or have to go to the hospital?
  • How do you like to be in the fresh air and go for a walk or hike?
  • Is occasional chaos a problem or can it be dealt with?
  • How often do you want to occupy yourself with the animal inhabitant, or is one thing enough that you just observe?
  • What is the budget, what is available monthly, what can be planned for food, toys, or visits to the vet?

Most of these questions can be answered very clearly, with others you have to deal a little with the background. Which pet is suitable for working people can also be clearly determined by first examining the characteristics of the different animals.

Don’t Underestimate the Financial Issues

One should not only ask “which pet is right for me?” But also “can I afford it?”. Some pets are easier to care for than others in terms of ongoing expenses such as food, supplies, or toys. This includes, for example, smaller species of birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, or hamsters. It should be clear to everyone that dogs or cats cause higher costs in this sense.

However, the situation can be completely different once the animal becomes ill. Visiting the vet is costly, even with a hamster or budgie. In addition, nowadays practicing doctors put more effort into making a diagnosis than they did 20 years ago. Today a budgie is x-rayed if necessary, and possibly even an ultrasound is done.

With cats and dogs, it will of course be a bit more expensive. In addition, you always have to remember that there are specimens that get sick at some point in their life and have to take medication regularly from now on, or require medical treatment. Incidentally, it is also not unusual for a mistress to go to the animal physiologist with the animal. Their animal gymnastics must then also be paid for.

Apart from the veterinarian, there are special insurances for certain animal species that are recommended to protect the animal and its owner. Pet owner liability insurance is particularly popular. It covers damage that the animal causes to a third party so that the owner does not have to fear that his pet will drive him into financial ruin. Most insurance companies only cover cats and dogs.

In addition, there is now an increasing number of health or surgery insurance that animal owners can take out and with which they protect themselves against higher costs in the event of medical treatment. However, depending on the scope of insurance, not all costs are covered. If you are considering taking out such a policy, you should always check the benefits carefully.

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

One of the most popular pets of all is the dog. If you get the right dog, you get a friend for life. They become an integral part of the family, are everywhere, and go through the fire with their owner if necessary. However, regardless of breed, a dog needs exercise. So you have to get out in the wind in all weathers. He also needs regular maintenance. Not only do long-haired breeds need brushing, but some of them also need to go to the barber from time to time.

Another point is education. Just because a dog may be small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to obey. Of course, this also applies to larger specimens; you also have to teach them how to properly distribute their forces. Keeping a dog is very time-consuming, and it is always better if he has a garden available.

Cats – the Idiosyncratic Rulers in the Household

Anyone who has ever had a cat knows that they tend to abuse their humans as can openers and only cuddle them when they want to. Cats are very headstrong, but they can also be clingy. They are difficult to raise, and only if they are comfortable with it.

When it comes to grooming, cats are relatively easy to groom. Unless they have a longer coat. Then daily brushing is a must. Cats can manage on their own, but those who hold two at once often notice that the animal is much happier.

In particular, if you decide to keep the animal in the house at all times, a lot of activity is necessary and this should not only be done using play elements that are distributed throughout the apartment. The personal game between cat and owner is essential because it also strengthens the bond. Meanwhile, outdoor cats are usually so independent that they go on tour alone and get along well with it.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs and rabbits are among the most popular pets when there are children in the house. They are soft and cuddly and very nice to look at due to the numerous breeds. However, they are not cuddly toys that willingly linger on the owner’s arm every minute. Rather, the escape animals are something to watch.

Most rabbits develop a relationship with their owner over time, as do guinea pigs. However, he shouldn’t be your only caregiver. A life partner is essential for them. Unfortunately, even today there is still a common belief that both species can be kept together. However, each species speaks a completely different language. So if you are interested in guinea pigs or rabbits, you should have at least one partner of the same species.

However, it is important that they are either same-sex partners or that one of the animals is neutered. Otherwise, there is a risk of uncontrolled reproduction.

As far as the care is concerned, both animal species are easy to care for, also with regard to the purchase of the feed. For example, they can easily be held by someone who goes to work during the day. Even so, they should regularly spend time in a larger run instead of spending their lives in a small cage.

Easily Cared for Loner – the Hamster

Hamsters are nocturnal rodents that are best not to be disturbed during the day. Therefore, they are not pets that are kept by children but are better suited for people who just want to watch their animals.

One thing to consider with the hamster is that it has a very short lifespan. Usually, he is only two to three years old. In addition, the location of his home must be considered, because even if he sleeps a lot, he is awake at night and at best gets more than just a balance bike. It is interesting to know that a hamster usually covers several kilometers a day. This route should be as varied as possible for him.

Mice and Rats – Sociable Animals with a High Instinct to Reproduce

Rats and mice in particular are among the animal species that live in colonies. However, the owner usually has to worry that they do not multiply uncontrollably. Therefore, it is best to buy several animals of the same sex here as well. In the case of rats, there is also the option of having them neutered.

In contrast to rabbits and guinea pigs, rats, in particular, need a lot of human contacts. They are very people-oriented and love to spend time together. These animals are also suitable for working people, as they are the liveliest in the evenings. The only drawback: Even with them, the life expectancy of one to three years is not exactly high.

Birds are Human, But Also Loud

Cockatiels or cockatiels are beautiful animals that are bred in countless colors. Since they can become tame, owners have a lot of fun with them. They need a lot of occupation; keeping them in cages is not appropriate to the species. Just as little as individual keeping. With budgies in particular, owners develop the view over time: the more, the better!

However, birds can also get very noisy in general. Especially if you don’t give them the appropriate attention they need.

Fish – They are Only Conditionally Easy to Care For

Anyone who sets up an aquarium and manages to create a flawless ecosystem in the tank can enjoy the colorful and, above all, quiet hustle and bustle of the diverse fish. Even if you don’t suspect it: There are fish species that remember certain structures exactly. For example, when there is food or even employment by the owner.

In general, fish are easy to care for, but taking care of the aquarium and the balance it contains is a bit more time-consuming. In addition, the container should always be large enough for the fish in it. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential.

In addition, fish are probably the only pets that can be left alone for two to three days. For professionals who always have to plan short-term business trips, they are the ideal pet.

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