10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Thailand

Thailand is a kingdom located on the Indochina Peninsula in southeastern Asia, where the form of government is a constitutional monarchy. The area of Thailand is 500 thousand square kilometers. The kingdom shares borders with Burma, Laos, Malaysia, and Cambodia. The coast is washed by the Andaman and South China Seas. In this article, you’ll find 10 breeds that are the most popular in this country.

  1. It weighs only 1-3 kilograms, its height reaches only 15 cm. The Chihuahua has a domed skull. Some dogs have a soft patch on the top of the head where the bones are not connected. It is called the fontanelle. They have large, erect ears and short, pointed muzzles. The eyes are round and large. Dogs are longer in length than in height, the tail is long and raised above the back.

  2. How exactly the Pomeranian breed appeared is still not known for certain. For example, not far from the historical homeland of the Pomeranian Spitz, archaeologists have found the remains of the so-called "peat" dogs, which could well have been the ancient ancestors of the Spitz. Also, the ancestors of the breed are considered Siberian reindeer huskies, from which they could inherit a luxurious thick coat.

  3. The mystery of the breed's origin has not yet been solved and is covered with beautiful oriental legends. According to ancient legends, the Shih Tzu is a huge lion trapped in the body of a small dog. It is believed that on his travels, the Buddha was accompanied by a tiny four-legged friend who, in case of danger, turned into a lion and protected the owner. In Tibet, they believed that it was exactly the Shih Tzu, therefore they deeply revered these animals. Although this is only a myth, the "lion dogs" are truly unique.

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