10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Italy

Italy is a great place to visit if you are looking for a place to learn about the history of civilization, contemporary culture art, and as well as to taste delicious foods. This country has witnessed the apogee and defeat of the Roman Empire. With this, it is also known for the number of dog breeds that originated on its soil.

  1. Volpino (Italian. Volpino Italiano, Cane de Quirinale), a breed of decorative miniature dogs. Known since the 17th century. Translated from Italian "Volpe" means "fox", and this defines the breed. Indeed, the pointed muzzle of the Volpino resembles a fox. Spitz can rightfully be considered the parents of Volpino.

  2. Spinone Italiano looks like a shaggy watchdog, but in fact, it is a versatile gun dog that finds and serves game. Like most gun breeds, it also makes a wonderful pet, provided its exercise and company needs are met. Smart, playful, and simple-minded, he is still not the kind of dog that suits everyone.

  3. The Neapolitan Mastiff breed of dogs is one of the oldest. It refers to the time when people lived in the Bronze Age, that is, at least 3000 BC. Yes, you heard right - these dogs have such an ancient history that they may well surpass European civilization in this respect, even if we take ancient Greece as a starting point - the source of modern democracy.

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