10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Sweden

The number of pet dogs registered in Sweden peaked in 2018. In the past seven years, the number grew from nearly 748 thousand pet dogs registered to approximately 920 thousand. As of 2018, the most purchased dog breed was the Labrador Retriever, known for its friendly, active, and outgoing character. The German Shephard and the Golden Retriever came in second and third place.

  1. Labrador is a breed of dog, first mentioned in history in 1593 in the ship's book of the ship "Marigold". While sailing, a team of sailors on the land of the Cabot Strait met local residents, accompanied by black dogs, slightly smaller than a greyhound. The type of dogs was different from those known on the mainland. The color of the animals was called "black", reminiscent of the stone "labradorite".

  2. The German Shepherd is a service dog with a balanced character and harmonious appearance. In the ranking of the smartest breeds, it is in the top three. A high level of intelligence is combined with a noble appearance and remarkable service qualities. The proportional build with clean lines of the head and body shows the inner strength and agility of the dog. They say about her that here "you can find everything you could want from a four-legged friend."

  3. The Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent and quick-witted dogs. Retrievers love to tinker with children and are calm about other animals. Natural instincts are well developed, with proper training, you can get a first-class hunter. They are very good-natured and trusting, so they cannot become full-fledged guards of their home.

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