All About Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier is a very small breed of dog that only exists in small numbers. It is a friendly and fun-loving animal that is very flexible. Because the Norfolk Terrier has other great qualities, the interested parties are numerous and the waiting lists are long.

History of the Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier is closely related to the Norwich Terrier. Up until the middle of the 20th century, they were even counted together. However, they differ in terms of their distinctive ears, which are tilted in the Norfolk Terrier and erect in the Norwich Terrier. Since mating prick-eared and tipped-eared parents produced unsightly offspring, it was decided to separate both types into separate breeds.

The dogs with tilted ears are now known under the name Norfolk Terrier and thus provide information about the place of origin (Norfolk – England). Originally, the Norfolk Terriers were used in the country as small animal catchers. They had a reputation for being excellent hunters and more effective than cats. Due to its sociable nature, its use as a family friend and companion dog was quickly added to the original work function.

Essence and Character

The Norfolk Terrier is a self-confident dog that would like to play in the top league and is neither afraid of risks nor aware of dangers. However, it is not dominant or provocative. But on the contrary. The Norfolk Terrier is a lovable animal that is very friendly towards people and animals. Provided that the dog is used to human contact and has learned how to deal with other dogs at an early age. He likes to use the time with his people for cuddling, brain teasers, or sporting events. It is important that he can move and behave in an appropriate way (digging and barking are part of his behavioral repertoire).

Acquiring a Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier is a rare dog. Up to 200 purebred offspring are documented for Germany every year. These 200 puppies are then divided between the breeders and the interested parties, which is why you will probably have to be put on a waiting list.

Unfortunately, there is hardly any alternative source that is trustworthy, although there are occasional accidental finds in animal shelters. Unfortunately, however, the likelihood of finding a purebred Norfolk Terrier at a shelter or a mixed breed is very slim.

This means that in most cases you have to wait for a dog at the breeder and pay the regular price. Due to the rarity of the dog, this can be several thousand euros.

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

Before the purchase comes to a conclusion, you should be given the opportunity to meet the puppies in person and see the parents (at least the mother).

If the breeder joins the Club for Terriers e. V., you can assume that he is serious and has the necessary knowledge. Unfortunately, this guarantee does not apply to private purchases. Nevertheless, even with a knowledgeable breeder, the gut feeling must be right. The relationship between buyer, seller, and dog should always be harmonious.

Also, ask whether the dog you want fits into the family in terms of character. The breeder should know his dogs well enough to be able to make a prediction about the dog’s personality, bearing in mind, of course, that he can only report on the facets he already knows.

Puppy Development and Education

Because the Norfolk Terrier is a confident fellow, he can tend to make his own decisions without guidance.

In addition, hunting small vertebrates is in their genes (but other dogs also have an interest in hunting). If there are rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits in the family, you should therefore get your dog used to them as a puppy. But no matter how well the Norfolk Terrier responds to his roommates, he should never be alone with them.

In contact with other dogs, he behaves openly and socially. In any case, he is not dominant and aggressive. The Norfolk Terrier is therefore a beginner’s dog, which requires a dog-typical upbringing (loving but clear leadership, early socialization), but does not have any specific problems beyond that.

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