Cao da Serra de Aire’s: Facts and Personality Traits

The “Cao da Serra de Aires” has only existed as a separate type since 1932, and only 25 years later did a representative win a national title at a Portuguese breed show.

Origin and Use

In 1962, the first entry of an import male was made in Switzerland, in 1973 a male was brought to Germany, which was not registered, however, in 1984 the first “Serra de Aires” came to Holland, but the breed is also represented in France and Belgium, Sweden and Finland. This interesting, undemanding, and little-known dog is native to the Alentejo area. He is very intelligent, willing to learn, and agile, which made him an indispensable companion for shepherds.

The Cao da Serra de Aires fulfills the herding and herding of sheep, goats, cattle, and horses with the greatest devotion, whereby two behaviors developed here due to the work tasks: When the herds moved on, they had to drive, which was achieved with persistent barking. When grazing the herds, they should circle around silently and stick together.

Cao da Serra de Aire’s Character

Despite his temperament and eagerness to work, the Cao da Serra de Aires has remained very playful, so that at the same time he has developed into a pleasant family dog, who is always loyal to everyone who belongs to him and is always cheerful enough to never turn down an invitation to play.

His initial reserve towards strangers and his vigilance make him a good guard for the house and yard, but he is not a barker. Intelligence and eagerness to work today advocate its use in dog sports. In order to be able to awaken and develop all the positive qualities of this attractive breed that are dormant in every puppy, a high degree of consistency combined with a lot of rest and love is required in the upbringing.

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