Characteristics of the Old German Shepherd Dog

The Old German Shepherd Dog is a long-haired breed of German Shepherd Dog. In addition to this name, it also bears the name Langstockhaar. The German Shepherd is a popular dog breed in Germany. The Old German Shepherd Dog has only been considered a pedigree dog since 2011. Then as of now, this breed of dog is used as a sheepherder.

Typical Shepherd Dog

Characteristics of this dog breed are the dark eyes and of course the lush fur. The pointed ears, the wolf-like face, and the color of the fur are typical features of a shepherd dog. In addition to various brown tones, black and gray tones are not uncommon. The colors are similar to the German Shepherd Dog.

The nature of an Old German Shepherd Dog is alert and good-natured. If the dog grows up with children, there are no problems with this breed of dog. In addition to the family-friendly nature, the German Shepherd is willing to learn and ideally suited for dog sports. In addition to working as a herding dog, he is also used as a companion dog or as a protection dog.

The Size

Males reach a shoulder height of about 60-65cm. The weight is around 30-40 kilos. Female German Shepherds stand around 55-60 cm tall and weigh 22-32 kg. Typical diseases for a German Shepherd can be hip dysplasia short HD. With good care, a German Shepherd can live to be 12-15 years old

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