Degus and Other Pets

In addition to degus, many owners also have other pets. Their coexistence with the degus is not always without problems.

Because not only that they could possibly transmit diseases that are life-threatening for the Degus, the predator awakens in many a cat when they know the rodents are nearby. But the degus also see other pets such as dogs, ferrets, or other carnivores primarily as prey and try to pursue them. For this reason, it makes sense to keep the degus in a separate room that is not accessible to the other pets.

The degus are also unable to smell the predators that are dangerous to them, which otherwise leads to permanent stress that ultimately has a negative effect on the health of the degus. Also, make sure that the degus’ enclosure is secured in such a way that no other animal can get to them from the outside. You also have to protect the degus from some unreasonable human visitors who simply want to reach into the enclosure or tap on the enclosure to encourage the degus to be more active. Both cause unnecessary stress for the animals and must be stopped immediately.

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