Dogo Canario Breed – Facts and Personality Traits

With its imposing appearance and a certain elegance in its movements, the Dogo Canario is a real eye-catcher. But the fur nose with a pronounced protective instinct also enchants dog lovers with its calm and balanced nature and is enjoying growing popularity.

History of the Dogo Canario

The Dogo Canario has its roots in the Canary Islands. As a descendant of the Spanish Mastiff, which was widespread in mainland Spain during the Middle Ages. In old writings, the Spanish mastiff was mainly referred to as “Alano” and, according to the records, was used for hunting, as a cattle dog, and as a guard and protection dog.

The animals were even used in bullfights and the mastiff was also often used in dog fights. Even in the military, the well-fortified dogs were used and were therefore used as support for the conquest of South America. The Canary Islands served as a stopover during this conquest and this is how the Spanish mastiff found its way to the islands. By crossing the Spanish mastiff with dogs native to the island, the “Presa Canario” developed. The impressive animals were only recognized as an independent breed by the FCI in 2001.

Essence and Character

As a Molosser, the Dogo Canario has strong nerves by nature. Self-confident and self-assured, the pedigree dog knows no fear and at the same time exudes a fascinating calm. There is hardly a breed that produces more balanced dogs and so active dogs are ideal as family dogs due to their good nature and strong nerves. As open and friendly as the Dogo encounters the people around him, he is so reserved towards strangers. Detached and alert, but not afraid, the Dogo Canario keeps an eye on the situation and, in case of doubt, presents itself as a fearless guard and protector of “his” people. In principle, however, the active dog is extremely social and is considered to be fond of children, docile, and easy to train, so the Dogo Canario could well be the right family member for you.

Purchase of a Dogo Canario

If you are toying with the idea of ​​purchasing a Dogo Canario, you should not underestimate the Dogo Canario’s temperament. But the stately pedigree dogs are also loyal and good-natured, so they quickly develop a close bond with “their” family. It is important that you think carefully in advance about whether you can offer the Dogo Canario a loving home for the rest of your dog’s life. If you can answer the question with yes, then the Dogo Canario is a loyal companion that you will have a lot of fun with. However, consistent training and good socialization in puppyhood are also necessary for this, because only then does the positive nature of the Dogo Canario come into play and the protective instinct offered can be steered into regulated channels.

What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Purchasing?

When buying a Dogo Canario, it is important to choose a reputable breeder who breeds according to FCI guidelines. You should therefore look at the Dogo Canario puppies as well as the parent animals. According to the breeding guidelines, only dogs blessed with a balanced and calm character should be used for breeding. This guarantees that the offspring are not only suitable as guard dogs but as a companion and family dogs. You should also have the pedigree showed to you and also the veterinary documents.

A responsible breeder integrates their animals into the family so that the puppies are socialized from day one. In addition, the breeder not only patiently answers your questions, but will also have some questions for you, since good breeders only leave their animals in good hands. Since the number of breeders who have dedicated themselves to breeding the Dogo Canario is quite small, you should also take other paths into account. The price for a purebred puppy of the breed is around 1,200 euros. Alternatively, you can also give a loving home to a Dogo-Canario crossbreed, but you have to reckon with the fact that its nature can definitely differ from the nature of a Presa Canario.

Puppy Development and Training

The pedigree of the Dogo Canario alone makes it clear that the dog breed has an enormous protective instinct. Good training is correspondingly important for these physically strong dogs. If the upbringing is not tackled properly or if it is inconsistent, it can lead to problems in everyday life.

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