Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breed Characteristics & Traits

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a recognized dog breed from Switzerland. The largest representative of the mountain dog reaches a size of 65 to 72 cm as a male. Bitches reach a shoulder height of about 60cm to 68cm and a weight of a good 60kg.

The short-haired and muscular Bernese breed is just as good-natured and a good yard and housekeeper. The nature of a Swiss Mountain Dog is calm, balanced, and sovereign. The easy-care breed was formerly kept as a draft dog or by market traders on farms. Even today, the breed is considered a good watchdog and guard dog. Dealing with children is not a problem for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, they are friendly and patient.

The muscular build makes this dog breed appear sluggish and sluggish, but this is not true. He is mentally fit and lies in wait alert. GSS (the abbreviation for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) like long walks and lots of exercises.

The Care

Despite its size, caring for a GSS is uncomplicated, since the short stock hair picks up little dirt. Of course, the dog needs stroking with a rubber brush to remove dead hair. The ears should also be checked from time to time.


As a typical family dog, this breed naturally always wants to be with the family. As a positive quality, he has his child-friendly nature ready. Of course, the GSS always keeps a watchful eye on its property and barks at intruders.


The education of a GSS must be carried out consistently. Stubborn minds are pre-programmed and must be stopped. A puppy school helps with obedience and social contact with other dogs.

The Attitude

A house with a garden is the ideal condition for a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, as this breed always wants to be part of the family. Kennel keeping is not recommended for this breed. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog will definitely like a hut in the yard and a little spot in the house.

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