Harz Fox Breed Characteristics & Traits

Due to your lively comments on the social network, I noticed that we have some Harzer Fuchs fans among us. So today I’m going to deal with the breed description of this old German herding dog for you. The connoisseurs among you already know that the Harzer fox is a real workhorse and was used as a cow dog. The Harz fox was or is almost extinct, which is why it deserves special attention today. If you want to keep such a dog, you have to be a very active person, because this four-legged friend is not only a workaholic and therefore needs a sporty master or mistress, but he is also an extremely smart little head that wants and needs to be challenged.

Anatomy of the Harz Fox

In terms of stature, the Harzer fox is quickly reminiscent of the old German shepherd dog. And not without reason, because both are herding dogs. The Harzer fox is about 50 to 60 centimeters high at the withers and weighs 24 to 28 kilograms. His fur is foxy, so to speak because it is reddish. The coloring ranges from cream to sooty red. The ears can be erect but also tilted. Due to its origin, it is also called Ostfeutscher Fuchs or Mitteldeutscher Fuchs. He has a massive scissors bite, with which he can bite powerfully – even tomorrow. The skull is wide and his mask can be black or light, overall a brindle of the fur is also possible. In any case, this breed does not appear bulky, because the sports cannon is only camouflaged with its thick fur.

Character of the Harzer Fuchs

The Harzer Fuchs is only a dog for you if you are sporty and very active. Due to its former herding position, this dog wants to be challenged by you and can quickly become mentally under-challenged. So here you are in demand all along the line and if you are looking for a cuddly dog, the old German herding dog is not the right choice for you. If the fox is bored, he will like to chew on things that you do not like to be without. For example a table leg or your slipper. At the age of six months, the little ones have already been out and about for more than half an hour on the walk around. However, this dog is by no means hyperactive or hyperactive – he just likes to be given tasks. Then wrapping a chewing bone in layers of paper and cloth so that it has something to do would be a sensible variant of activity, especially in puppyhood.

Grooming of the Harzer Fox

The fox fur is longer and foxed on the surface, the undercoat warms enormously so that the herding dog is quite weatherproof. Of course, this coat needs to be cared for. This breed is not known to like to get dirty like other breeds that like to roll in feces. Therefore, you will not necessarily have to do more with bathing. But you still have to consider the grooming itself: regular brushing or combing is a must.

Breed-Specific Diseases

In terms of health, the Harzer Fuchs is fairly stable and long-lived. Since this four-legged friend is not bred at all, no diseases typical of the breed are known and the animal is considered to be extremely robust.

To What Extent is This Breed Threatened with Extinction?

Unfortunately, the Harzer fox is one of the almost extinct herding dogs, and almost only in eastern Germany did some animals survive thanks to state funding and the active support of the working group for breeding old German herding dogs. Why is it that this great four-legged friend is almost extinct? Quite simply: the profession of the shepherd is dying out. And thus also his helpers.

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