Irish Terrier Temperament, Training and Attitude

The Irish Terrier’s ancestor is the Black and Tan Terrier, a breed that no longer exists. The Irish Terrier was first introduced at a dog show in Dublin in 1873. At that time, its color tint varied a lot and contained more black parts.

Irish Terrier Profile – What is He Like?

The Irish Terrier, also known as the “red devil”, is a lively, medium-sized dog. Its fur is dense, wiry, red or reddish-yellow in color. He is child-friendly, very adaptable, and can be used wonderfully as a companion or guard dog. With a good education, he can also be used as a companion dog for hunting. With his urge to move, he needs daily exercise.

His Short Story:

But he already had his most important character traits back then:

  • spirited
  • committed
  • friendly
  • and brave.

The original purpose was to breed him as a working dog that protects the house and yard and keeps unwanted animals away. In 1910 the first Irish Terrier kennel existed in Germany. The breed caused a sensation in the 1970s with the film adaptation of a novel by Jack London, whose film was called “Reluctant Friendship”.

The Appearance

The Irish Terrier has a long head and a typical terrier muzzle. His nose is black between the red fur, his dark eyes radiate joie de vivre and intelligence. He has small ears that fall forward and goes well with the overall shape of the head. The Irish Terrier has a lean and muscular body. He is not a dog that likes to sleep a lot. He loves to walk a lot. The adult Irish Terrier reaches a height of about 45 to 50 cm and weighs about 12 to 17 kg.

The bitches are getting a little smaller and correspondingly lighter. Its fur ranges from wheaten to reddish-yellow or red and is very easy to care for. The coarse hair is close-fitting, dirt-repellent, and easy to brush. A good brushing once a week is enough. The Irish Terrier does not shed. For good care of the coat, it should be trimmed three to four times a year.

The Nature of the Irish Terrier

Like other terrier breeds, the Irish Terrier is one of the brightest, fun-loving, and most friendly dogs. He has character and therefore will not submit to his owners or other dogs. With a good upbringing, he follows commands quickly and willingly and can be used as a companion dog. Therefore, he should have a certain reference person in the family.

His no-nonsense character makes a wonderful addition to family life as he shows loving affection to his owners. Due to his alert character, he likes to look after the house and yard. To other dog breeds, he likes to show who he belongs to and can also be a little aggressive. He is not afraid of other dog breeds and will defend himself. However, one cannot describe him as an aggressive dog.


An Irish Terrier should be raised gently yet consistently. As a puppy, it is important that he has a caregiver from whom he can receive commands and learn. His hunting instinct looks for opportunities to prove himself.

He is all the happier about rewards after the work is done or the command completed. He seeks contact with people and therefore likes to adapt to his lovable nature. In any case, he is better off in a house with a garden and lots of exercise in nature than in a city apartment. So he is always happy to accompany you on hikes, horseback riding, or jogging and is grateful for every run.

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