Komondor Temperament, Nature and Attitude

The Komondor breed of dog with the eye-catching coat belongs to the group of herding and cattle dogs. In all probability, the breed came to Hungary with the migrating ancient Magyars. It has been used to guard animal herds for around 4000 years, so its nature is characterized by self-confidence and pronounced protective behavior.


The Komondor is a large and powerful dog. Males weigh up to 60 kg, females up to 50 kg. On average, the Komondor is 65 cm high, males sometimes reach a height of up to 80 cm. Its fur is particularly striking: the body is covered with matted, dense strands of hair, which on average reach a length of 25 cm. The coat color is always white but often appears ivory.

Komondor Character and Suitability

Due to its original job of guarding herds of animals, the Komondor is still an unreservedly vigilant dog today. He is initially dismissive of strangers, but he maintains a close bond with his family without being too cuddly.

The Komondor has a very independent nature, which was good for him when working with the herd, but requires a lot of patience when training to become a family dog. Unrestricted obedience at the push of a button should not be expected from this breed.

The Komondor will always keep his own head and can be very stubborn at times. Patience, love, and consistency are always required of his people – but never a rough hand! The Komondor can only be recommended to a limited extent as a beginner dog.

Anyone who has not had any experience with dogs should think twice before buying one. Ideal owners of the Komondor have a house and garden because the breed needs exercise and above all: a job! Guarding the property becomes a passion for the Komondor, which – sometimes to the annoyance of the neighbors – manifests itself in regular barking. Be sure to consider this aspect before choosing the Komondor!

The Komondor does not become a rioter if he is only moved insufficiently. However, this should not tempt its owner to leave it in its place for too long. The breed needs a lot of exercise, freedom, and active play – it can also find fulfillment in dog sports.

Care of the Komondor

The conspicuous coat gives the impression that it needs constant care in order not to spread any unpleasant odors. Fortunately, this does not correspond to the facts, if you do everything right from the start. Already in puppies, one should promote the “formation of shaggy”.

The strands of hair are gently shaped with your fingers down to the skin so that the undercoat cannot form an unwanted layer of hair. An adult Komondor needs very little care later on. Under no circumstances should it be brushed.

If you absolutely must have a bath, then only with water to preserve the wool fat. If you use shampoo, the dog then gets completely soaked in the rain and dries only poorly.

The individual strands of hair can also be shortened a bit. However, shaving is only advisable in certain areas, such as around the genitals. Remember: The fur protects against cold, heat, and moisture!

If you are looking for a dog that has a mind of its own, will always guard your house and yard well, and will always be a loyal companion, the Komondor might be the right dog breed for you. If you have previous experience with dogs, if you have patience and loving consistency, this breed will not disappoint you!

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