Giant Schnauzer Temperament and Attitude

The Giant Schnauzer is one of the three breeds of Schnauzer recognized today, the Miniature Schnauzer, the Medium Schnauzer, and the Giant Schnauzer. The Schnauzer can be compared to the Pinscher. Both breeds differ only in size and in the structure and color of their fur. The Schnauzer is a dog of German origin from the Württemberg area.

Wanted Giant Schnauzer

Originally, the breed was used as a guard and shepherd dog on the alpine pastures. His alert mind and good obedience have made him a German police dog since the 1920s. Therefore, he is officially recognized as a service dog breed. Since he is a very friendly and sensitive dog, he is also often kept in families. Within the family, he is an affectionate dog that loves attention. He is suspicious of strangers at first, but not aggressive.

In general, it is an advantage if a dog owner can handle a large and powerful dog and is able to give him the necessary commands.

Appearance and Diet

As the name describes, the Giant Schnauzer is one of the larger dog breeds. When fully grown, it is between 60 and 70 cm tall and reaches a total weight of around 35 to 50 kg.

The Giant Schnauzer comes in black or pepper-salt, which means gray. Its fur is short, hard, and wiry. This muscular and large dog requires fresh meat, vegetables, and bones on which to set and clean its teeth. Freshwater should always be available for him.

Coat and Body Care

For a healthy coat, it should be trimmed about every three to four months. The giant schnauzer will gratefully accept brushing several times a week. For mostly dry skin, grooming is a blessing. If necessary, the dog’s beard can be cleaned or brushed. Please brush with caution here, the mouth area is a little delicate. Except for the change of coat, the Giant Schnauzer loses little or hardly any coat. They are muscular dogs that require a lot of exercises.

Long run, but above all letting off steam while running, is important for the breed. If he constantly lacks a balanced movement, he can suffer from hip dysplasia, which severely limits his mobility. Many large dog breeds are affected by this disease. Therefore, they should live in a rural area with opportunities to exercise and not in a city apartment.

Giant Schnauzer Temperament and Training

The Giant Schnauzer brings with it an innate hunting and guarding instinct. That means he needs a straight upbringing. When going for a walk, families with children should remember that a Giant Schnauzer is difficult to hold when it has spotted something in the woods and wants to run.

Within the family, a certain person should give commands to the dog. Nothing is worse for a dog than when several people talk to him or even yell at him. In the end, he will get his way in such situations.

In general, the Giant Schnauzer likes the water. If you live as a dog owner near a lake, your dog will be very happy if he goes swimming or can let off steam in other ways. Dog training areas offer various courses on which the dogs can tame their physical skills and strength.

With such feats of strength, the Giant Schnauzer – but also other dog breeds – will gratefully and calmly look for a place to sleep in the evening.

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