Leonberger: Facts and Personality Traits

The Leonberger is one of the large and very beautiful dog breeds that like to move around a lot. He is a friendly dog who nevertheless takes care of the house and yard and is also a real family dog due to his cheerful character. If you want to buy a Leonberger, you are well-advised to find out about its character and the necessary care.

Origin of the Leonberger

In the middle of the 19th century, a black and white Landseer bitch was crossed with a Barry male. This crossbreed got its appearance from a Pyrenean mountain dog. The Leonberger received its current appearance as a recognized breed unmistakably from a Newfoundland, a St. Bernard, and a Pyrenean mountain dog.

After the world wars, there were only a few Leonbergers left. Individual owners who valued these dog breeds very much got together and preserved the breed for posterity. Thanks to these dog lovers, there are now Leonberger dog clubs all over the world.

Appearance, Coat, and Care

The Leonberger is one of the large and very beautiful dog breeds. Because of his stature, he is very muscular and as an adult dog, he can reach an impressive weight of up to 70 kg for the males, while the bitches can reach 60 kg.

They are also different in size. Males grow up to 80 cm, females up to 75 cm. Its medium brown fur is soft, dense, and long. On the chest and neck, the coat is reminiscent of a lion’s mane, while the color of the coat varies from light, reddish or reddish-brown tones. Its face is dark to almost black, with medium-sized pendulous ears. The Leonberger has a very graceful and almost elegant appearance.

The Character of the Leonberger

Due to its friendly character, the Leonberger is a real family dog. He is very alert and protective of his home and owner. Therefore, he is also very well suited as a guard dog.

Its large, powerful build and loud voice are a warning to anyone approaching the home without permission. Within the family he is friendly and loving, especially towards children. He likes to play and romp around. It is important that the Leonberger has plenty of exercises and can let off steam.

It doesn’t have to be in his own garden, but daily walks are important for his urge to move. He is an outspoken water dog who loves to swim or play long games on the shore of a lake. It is therefore definitely not suitable in a city apartment.

Education of the Leonberger

It is best if a Leonberger comes into a family as a young puppy. Like other puppies, he will be very playful. At this age, it is already clear that he needs a clear line in his upbringing. He doesn’t always listen to every word and can be a little stubborn. It is important for his upbringing that he has a reference person from whom he hears commands and learns to carry them out.

This person should speak to him calmly at all times. In his nature, he is ready to submit. Raising your voice or yelling at the Leonberger will in no case lead to the desired result. It is enough to teach the young dog the most necessary commands and otherwise enjoy the time with him.

It is important for grooming that the Leonberger learns to sit and lie still as a small dog. Its long, thick coat needs daily brushing. If he doesn’t learn these commands, grooming an adult dog will be difficult.

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