Maltese Breed Characteristics & Traits

Finally, I would like to recommend one thing to you: If you suffer from allergies, first spend time with other dogs before you make your own animal by hook or by crook. In this way, you can test for yourself how close you get to him and withdraw if necessary. If everyone took this to heart, there would probably be fewer shelter dogs.


The eyes water, the skin itches. The sneezing and tingling in the nose and the felt anthill in the soft palate, like the dry and suddenly occurring dry cough just won’t stop.

And that after just one visit to a good friend and her four-legged friend. The dream of owning a dog seems to burst a soap bubble again. But far from it. A dog hair allergy no longer forces anyone to be alone.


Not every person with allergies cannot tolerate all dogs. Dermatologists or allergists now have test procedures that can be used to narrow down your allergy diagnostically. Which breeds you react to exactly can be tested.

In general, it is recommended to consider rather long-haired dogs. Antihistamines and asthma spray should only be an absolute emergency solution.

With a few tips and a little expert knowledge, it is now clear – you are not allergic to the fur itself, but to the ingredients (protein) in the dog’s saliva, its urine, and its dander. So it seems very illogical to keep a hairless dog. Adequate hygiene, such as regular hand washing, is therefore unavoidable. Another tip is daily vacuum cleaning or mopping to keep your home free of animal hair.

Furthermore, you could teach your darling from the start that there is a taboo room for him. This gives you an allergen-free retreat to relax in case symptoms should arise.

The Origin of the Maltese

The white dwarf is an Egyptian descendant of the water dogs and got its name from Malta. With a height of 25 cm at the withers and a flyweight of 4 kg, the Maltese were already a kind of luxury dog.

The Grooming

The preferred coat color would be pure, clean white, subtle variations may occur.

The cute four-legged friend will be 12 to 15 years old and that is exactly how long he will need your help with grooming, which should not be underestimated.

You definitely can’t avoid regular brushing of the coat, but your best friend will thank you for it because he usually really likes this rite. Of course, you should start doing this as soon as you are a puppy – ideally every day, as your hair quickly becomes matted.

You should first carefully untangle knots with your fingers, then comb the fur with a metal comb and brush over it again at the end. There are special care sprays, dog shampoo, and even conditioner so that his light fur can stay nice and clean. However, you should pay particular attention to the eyes of the Maltese when you bathe it. This area is particularly prone to conjunctivitis here, which is believed to be due to the generally long coat.

Please pay attention to his paws, which also have a lot of hair between the toes. These hairs need to be trimmed regularly to prevent injury from accumulated dirt.

However, the dog from the Mediterranean region does not change its coat and since the undercoat tends to get knotted when playing, a regular visit to the dog groomer is advisable. In summer, however, you should please take care of the blond four-legged friend, as unfortunately he quickly suffers from sunburn. Here, longer walks are more advisable in the morning and evening hours.

The Being

Falsely kept as a lap dog in the past, the Maltese is proven to be a real family dog ​​and wants to be kept in a species-appropriate manner – as a family member.

The little man doesn’t want to be carried around at all, he prefers to go for a walk himself.

When keeping them in a rented apartment, you should definitely consider before purchasing the bundle of fur that they are often barkers. It’s not because he wants to tease you, it’s because he’s on the alert.

Your Maltese is an affectionate family dog ​​who enjoys participating in all activities. The self-confident little fellow is by no means a fool and, above all, is quite aware of his adorable face.

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