Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Facts and Personality Traits

Overall, the Welsh Corgi is one of the dog breeds with relatively few health problems.

History of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The best-known owner of Welsh Corgis is Queen Elizabeth II. She was given her first Corgi in 1933 by her father, King George VI, and has remained true to this breed to this day. Corgis used to be used as farm dogs. They helped herd the cattle and kept the rats on the farm short. Today Corgis are mainly kept as family dogs, occasionally they are still used for herding.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Nature & Character

A workhorse – the little Corgi needs meaningful activity to keep him balanced. If he’s bored, he’ll look for his own job. Whether it will turn out to the satisfaction of the dog owner – who knows 😉

The little dog needs consistent training. He knows how to assert himself and persistently pursues his goal. Therefore, steer unwanted behavior in the right direction as early as puppy age.

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