Perdiguero de Burgos: Facts and Personality Traits

The Perdiguero de Burgos is an ancient pointing dog breed for small game and feathered game from the northern and central Spanish provinces of Burgas, Leon, and Vitoria, which is closely related to the Bracken. Other names for him are “Burgos Chicken Dog”, “Perdiguero Burgales” and “Spanish Pointer”.


Very little is known about the exact origin, but the breed has been documented since the 17th century. It is assumed by today’s breeders that a long time ago hunters crossed various Spanish breeds, such as the “Pachon Iberico” and the “Sabueso dog” in order to breed this pointer.

The famous Spanish painter Velasquez (1599 – 1660) painted the heir to the throne Prince Baltasar Carlos accompanied by Spanish pointers of the Burgos type and in the 18th century, Don Alonso Martinez described dogs with characteristics of the Perdiguero de Burgos. Since then, the breed has remained almost unadulterated for centuries and is highly valued by hunters who want a hardy, resilient and obedient dog in any terrain and in any type of hunt.

Height and Weight

The breed standard calls for males to be 62 cm to 67 cm tall, bitches should be 59 cm to 64 cm high at the withers. Although no precise specifications are made about the weight in the standard, it should be between 25 and 30 kg according to various sources.


The coat is dense and of medium thickness, with short, straight hair, evenly distributed over the body to between the toes. It is somewhat finer on the head, ears, and limbs than on the rest of the body. The primary colors are white and liver. Irregular mixing results in a mottled liver, grayish liver, or spotted liver coat.


The Perdiguero of Burgos is hunted; he is a pure pointing dog for small game and feathered game. He is distinguished by special strength and excellent sense of smell, he works methodically, at the same time calmly and confidently. It is often used to hunt small games, but he also shows remarkable courage and endurance when hunting larger games.

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