Tibetan Spaniel Temperament, Education

The Tibetan Spaniel is one of those special dog breeds whose history and origins cannot be traced back in all details, but which are known to have existed in a present or similar form for centuries.

Tibetan Spaniel Profile

This breed of dog is one of the cultural assets of Tibet, as it was always closely associated with monastic life in the mountains of the Himalayas. The monks regarded him as a respected companion who was always around and who fulfilled additional guardian functions.

Monks with small dogs in their arms are part of the image of monasteries as we find them to this day. To this day, this dog breed, whose systematic breeding development as a breed in our sense we owe the English, has preserved its special history for its connoisseurs.

Tibetan Spaniel – Characteristics:

The Tibetan Spaniel is a happy, robust little dog, extremely alert and “ready to report” when something has aroused its suspicions.

Typical of him are his oval eyes, his well-padded, blunt foreface that is never too short or bulging, his rather broad but never coarse, well-filled skull, his feathered ears and narrow, also feathered hare feet. Males are characterized by a lush, mane-like coat of fur.

The richly feathered tail, which is carried rolled over the back as with all Tibetan dogs, is just as much a part of the image of the Tibetan Spaniel as its silky topcoat with a thick undercoat.

The hair is only medium-length and therefore easy to care for. Wind and weather cannot harm a Tibetan Spaniel. The Tibetan Spaniel is a loyal dog that is related to its family but still likes to live in a larger pack of four-legged friends

Special Feature:

Tibetan spaniels are not known to have any particular diseases, they often reach old age, which is common to all Tibetan dog breeds. All colors and color mixtures are allowed in the Tibetan Spaniel.

The smallest of the Tibetan dog breeds is – in contrast to Great Britain and Scandinavia – unfortunately only rarely to be found in the rest of Europe.

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