English Bulldog Breed – Facts and Personality Traits

With its calm disposition and its agility, the Continental Bulldog will also take your heart by storm. The relatively young dog breed from Switzerland comes very close to the original Bulldog type and impresses with a consistently friendly and open nature.

History of the Continental Bulldog

The Continental Bulldog is one of the younger dog breeds. Originally, the goal was to breed a medium-sized bulldog. This should be achieved by crossing English Bulldogs and Old English Bulldogs.

It quickly turned out that a new breed was created that almost completely corresponded to the original Bulldog type. Under the breed name Continental Bulldog, the new form of the Bulldog quickly found supporters and the number of breeders of the young breed is also gradually increasing.


Essence and Character

With a sturdy build and confident demeanor, the Continental Bulldog delights Bulldog lovers from around the world. However, the common prejudices against bulldogs must be clearly contradicted, as the Continental Bulldog breed proves through its nature and its solid character. With a Continental Bulldog, you have a loyal and lovable dog by your side.

The animals are extremely attentive, and friendly, and approach people openly. Aggressiveness is alien to the Continental Bulldog. With good training, the pedigree dog proves to be particularly family-friendly and can be described as calm and frugal. Another advantage is his willingness to learn and socialize, which is not only present in Continental Bulldog puppies, but also in old age.

Buying a Continental Bulldog?

If the Continental Bulldog inspires you and you flirt with getting a loyal companion at your side, then you should also be ready to take on responsibility for 12 years and more. Whether in a single household or as a family dog, with good training a Continental Bulldog always cuts a fine figure.

Even if the dogs of the breed are rather quiet fellows, you should be able to find enough time, because the Continental Bulldog is also an active dog that needs loving training, attention, and joint activities to feel comfortable. All in all, pedigree dogs are frugal and usually adapt without any problems.

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

If you decide to buy a Continental Bulldog, you should look specifically for a registered Continental Bulldog breed and contact the breeder. Visit the breeder and pay attention not only to the Continental Bulldog puppies but also to the behavior and health of the parent dogs.

In addition, it should be ensured that the puppies grow up in the family group and are thus also socialized. In addition to the pedigree, a reputable breeder will also provide you with the veterinary records of the puppies and parent animals. You should also be prepared to answer the breeder’s questions, because reputable breeders do not give away their puppies indiscriminately, but make sure that the dogs are in good hands.

You too should go into the interview prepared and not be afraid to ask questions. If you are not necessarily fixated on a puppy, you can also give a Continental Bulldog a new home in need. A Continental Bulldog from the animal shelter will be just as loyal a friend and companion after a short period of acclimatization and will clearly show you his gratitude.

Puppy Development and Training

The Continental Bulldog is a loveable dog but relies on good socialization and training. Continental Bulldog puppies should already be socialized with the breeder and get to know the first rules. Basically, the four-legged friends with the dreamy look are extremely docile and willing to learn, so that you will quickly see success with a loving and consistent upbringing.

Nevertheless, the Continental Bulldog also tends to be stubborn from time to time and is sometimes quite idiosyncratic, which you should take with a sense of humor. Basically, animals of the breed are docile and also obedient, but they are not just recipients of orders. Due to the Continental Bulldog’s size and strength, good training is important so that the animals can also be perceived as lovable family dogs by outsiders.

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