Wean Your Dog from Barking

Your dog barks all the time, whether at home or on a walk. And you want to change that so that living together is easier and less stressful. The neighbors will also thank you when the barking stops. Because they are often the ones affected.

That’s Why Dogs Bark

Dogs use barking to communicate with other dogs or to draw attention to their humans. The occasions and triggers are complex, as is the reaction of the dogs. Barking is ultimately a symptom that we can influence. Some literally have thick skin, while others are immediately charged and express their need to communicate promptly and loudly.

Watchdogs strike

Guard dogs, or dog breeds that are predestined for this, do not bark out of separation anxiety or joy, but because they are protecting their pack. They draw attention to the fact that something is wrong in the immediate vicinity. Their well-developed sensory organs perceive changes much sooner than we humans ever could. Dogs smell and hear much better than we do, and we harnessed those traits in wolves hundreds of years ago. Depending on the breed of the dog, it will be announced when other dogs walk past the property. Others, on the other hand, strike when the doorbell starts ringing.

Barking out of boredom and lack of utilization

If the dog barks when it is alone, this indicates boredom and possible separation anxiety. Keeping yourself busy can be a means to dog barking.

Fear barking and insecurity

At the top of the list of reasons, a dog bark is a fear and insecurity. This does not only have to take place within your own four walls but also happens during walks and in many everyday situations. The barking is often prolonged and unrelenting

Barking with joy

Perhaps the most beautiful form of barking is barking with joy. Dog owners coming home from work are greeted and barked with joy by many fur babies. The same applies when some dogs see that their master or mistress is getting ready for a walk, for example by picking up the leash and collar. The dog hardly knows what to do with all the happiness that is driving him again.

Breed-typical barking

Some breeds are far quicker at barking than others. Many terriers, pinschers, but also German shepherds, and Rottweilers have the herding and guard dog instincts mentioned above firmly anchored in their genetics.

Lack of attention

Lack of attention goes hand in hand with the boredom a dog can feel. Dogs are social creatures that interact and communicate with their pack. If the dog is left behind, not busy with tasks or busy, it tends to bring itself back into existence by barking.

Now that we’ve looked at the possible reasons for barking, let’s move on to the tips you can use to stop your dog from barking.

Learned barking

Dogs are masters at noticing which tricks work to get the attention of two-legged friends. Once your dog figures out that there are treats or food if he just barks enough, he will repeat this behavior over and over again. Because it made him successful. Since he only has limited means of communication at his disposal, he will definitely try barking as a means. If you are inattentive here or get involved, it will be very difficult to reprogram the behavior.

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