American Bulldog Breed Profile

With their impressive physique, representatives of the American Bulldog breed impress at first sight. Owners of pedigree dogs are often exposed to prejudice. But the active four-legged friends turn out to be friendly family dogs and refute any prejudice with good training. Maybe the American Bulldog can conquer your heart too because the strong-character dogs are quite loyal and lovable companions.

History of the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog descended from the English Bulldog. With the 19th century emigrants from Great Britain to the “New World”, the bulldog also found its way to the United States. The settlers used the dogs as farm dogs and to guard the land. The animals guarded bulls at cattle markets and were also used as herding dogs for cattle herds. Throughout history, pedigree dogs have also been used for dogfighting. While the dogs of the breed in the USA are still often used today for wild boar and bear hunting and are also often used as guard dogs, the American Bulldog has established itself in Europe as a reliable and lovable family and companion dog.

Although the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) still does not recognize the American Bulldog as an independent breed, breeding and keeping are widespread in the USA and different lines have formed.

Essence and Character

Regardless of whether it is an old American Bulldog, American Bulldog Blue Line, or an American Bulldog Mix, these are dogs with a strong character that can inspire by their nature. Contrary to their appearance, the dogs are among the calm and good-natured contemporaries. Since these are quite self-confident and alert dogs that can definitely show territorial behavior, it is important to start with a loving and consistent upbringing of American Bully puppies and to place value on intensive socialization.

The powerful dogs need appropriate guidance so that they can rely on their owner. Especially since there is a tendency to go on a confrontational course with conspecifics, it is important not to underestimate the bully. The American Bulldog shows his best side towards his caregivers and is friendly and sociable. Visitors are not a problem either, if they are greeted in a friendly manner by the family, the Bully will also be friendly to them and show himself to be devoted. If you decide to get an American Bulldog, you have to reckon with the fact that they can be quite stubborn and will test your patience from time to time. This sometimes creates bizarre and funny situations in everyday life.

Purchase of an American Bulldog

If you are toying with the idea of ​​buying an American Bulldog, there are definitely restrictions depending on where you live. Although the American Bulldog is not a recognized breed and is therefore not included in the list of dogs, there may be regional requirements. Federal states such as Bavaria, Hesse, and North Rhine-Westphalia require a personality test. In the Swiss canton of Ticino, owners need the consent of the authorities and in Zurich, appropriate dog training must be completed. In Denmark, keeping any dog ​​that resembles the American Bulldog in appearance is prohibited. Accordingly, a vacation in Denmark with an American Bulldog is prohibited. If this doesn’t deter you, then it’s important to choose a reputable American Bulldog breeder so that you can buy a dog with the best prerequisites for a lovable family dog.

What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Purchasing?

Even though the American Bulldog breed has not been recognized by the FCI, there are still breeders who are fully committed to the animals. Reputable breeders already make sure when choosing breeding animals that they are healthy and have the desired characteristics.

Accordingly, you should not rashly choose and buy an American Bulldog puppy, but take a closer look at the kennel and also observe the parents. If the parents are calm and sociable, then the puppies have the best conditions to grow into lovable family dogs. Reputable breeders keep relevant evidence of the health of the parents and puppies ready. In addition, the breeder will ask you a few questions, because reputable American Bully breeders only give their animals into loving hands. The puppies should already have been dewormed, vaccinated, and chipped several times by the breeder.

Alternatively, you can also decide to give a bully in need a new home. Again and again, adult American Bulldogs end up with animal protection organizations and look for a new home. If you decide to do so, you should visit the dog several times in advance and also explore its history. If it is a bulldog or an American bulldog mix that has been poorly kept or is even a “primed” specimen, you should be quite sure that you can cope with this challenge.

Puppy Development and Training

Training is the be-all and end-all when keeping an American Bulldog. If the fur nose comes from a good breed, then it is self-confident and independent but is also gentle and people-friendly. The socialization of American Bulldog puppies should already have started with the breeder. Here you should continue seamlessly because only with a well-socialized dog can you later enjoy life as a dog owner really stress-free. If you take the opportunity to attend a dog school when the puppy moves in and get him used to other dogs, you can avoid conflicts with other dogs. It is also important that you offer the American Bulldog loving and consistent guidance at any age, as the independent dogs otherwise tend to make decisions themselves and take the initiative. The lovable fur noses take training very positively and despite a certain stubbornness, training successes can be quickly recorded, which is not least due to the intelligence of the animals.

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