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Beagle: Pros and Cons of the Breed

Little English hunters (like many other breeds) often become hostages of their attractive appearance. People, fascinated by funny faces, bring plush puppies into the house, not considering that the beagle has the pros and cons of the breed.

To ensure the comfortable coexistence of a person with a future pet, it is necessary to analyze its main features.

Pros of the Beagle Breed

Beagles belong to one of the oldest breeds. English dog handlers began to breed them back in the 18th century. The “working” qualities of beagles are well known to professional hunters, many of whom prefer this particular breed. Funny dogs are hardy, tireless, strong, mobile. They become reliable companions not only in hunting for a hare or fox but also in sports.

For several centuries of selection, the main qualities of schooling animals have been firmly fixed in the character of dogs, which makes them excellent companions.

These dogs are practically devoid of aggression. They are patient with relatives, they will not enter into conflicts, arrange fights on the walking grounds. They behave well on the street, do not bark at passers-by, do not rush at other dogs.

The advantage of the beagle breed is its human orientation. Little hunters get along well with children of any age. They are peaceful, take part in childish games with pleasure. They are friendly towards strangers, they are always glad to the arrival of guests.

The owner is treated with boundless love, devotion, unambiguously recognizing in him the leader of the “pack”. They strive to spend time next to the owner, while not intrusive, tactful, subtly feel the mood of the person. Cheerful, cheerful doggies are considered to be “natural antidepressants”.

Despite all the affection for the owner, Bigley quite calmly endures temporary separation from him. The dog can be safely left with friends during the vacation, without worrying about the psyche of the pet.

Physiological Benefits

The advantage of the beagle is its magnificent unusual appearance. Dogs are very clean, neat. They do not have increased salivation and a specific smell.

The undoubted advantages of the breed are a strong innate immunity, good health, and a stable psyche. With proper maintenance of the dog, the average life span of a beagle is 13-15 years.

Pros in Care

Little hunters are very unpretentious. They quickly adapt to any conditions, they will feel great both in a small apartment and in a country house with a personal plot.

In food, the representatives of the breed are also not picky, they have an excellent appetite. They enjoy eating industrial feed or natural food.

Hygienic procedures will not cause much trouble for the owner. To maintain the health of the dog, once a week:

  • brush your pet’s teeth;
  • wipe eyes with a damp cloth.

Caring for short beagle hair is not difficult. Dogs shed rarely, not abundantly. It is enough for the owner to purchase a special glove or soft-bristled brush. Brush your pet periodically.

With all the undoubted advantages, future owners of the lop-eared bully should take into account some features of the character and physiology of pets.

Cons of the Beagle Breed

The disadvantages of the representatives of the breed are due to the same as their advantages – the gregarious hunting past.

The disadvantage of beagles is some difficulties in training and raising a pet. Dogs are extremely self-sufficient, stubborn, with the wrong approach, they will simply refuse to accept commands.

Another drawback of funny babies is excessive gullibility and friendliness. They can easily follow a stranger on the street. It is useless to use such dogs as watchmen. They lack the necessary protective qualities.

Also, the English hunter is able to escape by chasing cats, which he perceives as prey. For the same reason, you should not bring a beagle into a house where there are small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, and others) – sooner or later the hunting instinct will prevail over education.

The disadvantages of the beagle breed include the poor tolerance of loneliness by its representatives. A dog locked for the whole day in an empty apartment can cause serious damage: ruin furniture, shoes, decoration. Without constant communication, little hunters become hysterical neurasthenics. The traumatized psyche of the dog is difficult to correct in the future.

Beagle Cons: Care and Maintenance

The main disadvantage of beagles is the need for regular long walks. Walking should be active in different places. Otherwise, an inquisitive mobile hunter will become bored, he will start to run away.

Another disadvantage of the beagle breed is a clear voice. The love for barking is inherent in the pack animal at the genetic level, it is very difficult to cope with this addiction. This behavior of the dog can create certain problems for residents of apartment buildings.

It is important to teach your puppy to eat right from childhood. We’ll have to be firm because subtle Bigley psychologists go to various tricks in order to beg (or steal) a tidbit.

From hygienic procedures, it is difficult to care for the long ears of a pet. Due to the structural features of the shells, they need to be regularly inspected, cleaned using special means.

The claws of a hyperactive dog require special attention. They can be damaged, cracked, causing pain to the animal. Plates should be periodically cut, treated with protective solutions.

Possible Health Problems

When starting a beagle, it must be borne in mind that doggies are prone to certain pathologies, especially if the animal is not properly taken care of.

The most common diseases of the breed:

  • epilepsy;
  • Ear infections;
  • ophthalmic diseases

The result of improper feeding of voracious beagles often becomes obesity, which entails disruptions in the work of all organs of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

The beagle breed has its pros and cons and is not suitable for everyone. Before you bring a cute hunter into the house, you need to think carefully about whether it will be possible to create the necessary conditions for a complex pet. Those who like to spend their free time lying on the couch should choose another pet.

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