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Pug: Pros and Cons of the Breed

Kind dogs with sad eyes – this is how pugs can be characterized. These small dogs have a rich history.

At all times, they were popular and were everyone’s favorites. Today pugs are excellent companions.

They carry positive emotions and relieve their owners of despondency and sadness.

So, let’s take a closer look.

Origin Story

There are many versions regarding the origin of pugs, but most of the researchers are inclined to believe that the country of origin of these dogs is China, and the ancestors are the dogs “Luo Jie”, which looked like Pekingese but had a shorter coat, who lived in the houses of noble persons. Pugs came to Europe in 1553 and immediately fell in love with representatives of high society. So, in France, the presence of such a pet was considered a sign of taste and good taste. The first pug club was opened in England in 1883, and the first breed standard was adopted in 1888.

Description of the Breed and Character

Pugs are small, stocky dogs with strong muscles, the average height at the withers is 25 cm, and the weight is 7-11 kg. The head is round, the muzzle is short and wrinkled, with a well-defined black mask. The eyes are large, dark, and prominent; the coat is thick and short. Dogs range in color from silver-gray to fawn, and completely black pugs are rare.

Therefore, they are ideal pets for the elderly and those who lead an inactive lifestyle. At the same time, they sometimes have a surge of increased energy, but this activity does not last long. Representatives of this breed are friendly and sociable, get along well with other pets and children.

Pug – the Pros of the Breed

  • a unique appearance that attracts the attention of dog breeders all over the world;
  • small size, thanks to which pugs feel comfortable in living conditions – the dog does not need an aviary and a lot of space;
  • loyalty and boundless love – pugs become attached to the owner and strive to be support and faithful companion for him always and everywhere;
  • easy care – being the owners of a smooth and short coat, pugs do not require complex care manipulations, the only problem is the folds that need periodic cleaning;
  • love for children – due to friendliness, lack of aggression and irritability, and inherent curiosity of this breed, pugs easily find a common language with children;
  • character – pugs are charming, attentive, playful, good-natured, and sociable;
  • unpretentious in food – both natural products and ready-made industrial feed are suitable for feeding.

Pug – the Cons of the Breed

  • health – pugs often have problems with the respiratory system, in addition, they are sensitive to air temperature and are prone to overheating and hypothermia;
  • with the general ease of care, daily care is needed for the folds on the face, in which dirt and dust collects, which eventually leads to irritation;
  • fatigue – pugs are not suitable for active people, these dogs get tired quickly;
  • excessive attachment to the owner – representatives of this breed are too dependent on humans and need constant attention, therefore they do not tolerate loneliness;
  • snoring due to the structure of the nasopharynx is a significant minus of the breed for many people;
  • a tendency to obesity – it is necessary to control the regularity of feeding and the size of the portion of the pet.

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