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Golden Retriever: Pros and Cons of the Breed

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent, noble, and good-natured dogs. You can hardly understand this by looking into their eyes. The animals are quite calm, balanced, and peaceful. You will certainly not feel lonely next to such a pet! What is the fact that this particular breed is most often used as guide dogs!

What else you should know when making such a friend, and what character the Golden Retriever has, we will figure it out today.

Brief History of the Breed

Scientists have been racking their brains for a long time, trying to determine where the dogs come from. Initially, there was a version that friendly dogs are the ancestors of Russian circus dogs. But after, it was refuted, thanks to the found notes of Lord Tweedmouth, who was engaged in breeding work. All points have been placed. It was the Lord’s attempt that was crowned with success, he managed to create amazing, kind, and very helpful dogs.

The homeland of four-legged friends is England, where dogs were very popular and were indispensable hunters’ helpers. Rumor has it that they descended from a spaniel and a yellow dog, which the breeder bought from neighbors.

But, times went by, and the Golden Retriever’s character did not go unnoticed. Animals quickly and confidently moved from the category of hunters to the category of pets.

Golden Retriever Breed Characteristics

Golden Retrievers are amazing animals. They are so sincere and cheerful that they charge everyone around them with positive energy. With them, it is impossible to get bored or depressed. They are very attached to their owners. Yes – yes, to the owners. This is a feature of the Golden Retriever. The kind heart of a pet is not capable of loving just one, so all family members in equal amounts will be gifted with loyalty and recognition.

They are smart enough, quick-witted, agile, and sensual. They always subtly feel the atmosphere in the house, suffer from quarrels and all kinds of conflicts. Some representatives of this suit begin to behave inappropriately and be dirty if the atmosphere in the family is tense.

The intelligence of these creatures can be the envy of other representatives of four-legged friends. They just love to learn and learn new things. Therefore, joint activities with the owners give the animals a lot of pleasure. And the owner will be satisfied with his coach skills because these naughty guys grasp everything literally on the fly. Do not lose sight of the fact that the Goldens are very helpful and will always try to please the owners, whether it be studies, requests, or “important” tasks. What is the fact that it is easiest to teach how to bring slippers or other things to dogs of this suit?

But, it should be understood that these are common features for the Golden Retriever breed. Keep in mind that every dog ​​is unique, and its behavior largely depends on how you raise it and what you teach it.

Golden Retriever – the Pros of the Breed

Perhaps this is one of the few breeds, the advantages of which are difficult even to count. So:

  • Openness and sincerity. Animals are always ready to make contact. And it doesn’t matter to them whether it is the owner or a stranger.
  • Love for children. Retrievers simply adore children and are considered excellent nannies. They will gladly support any pranks or games. But, do not forget to educate your pet, otherwise, he will happily rush into the sandbox in order to play, frightening both children and adults.
  • Obedience. Dogs of this color are very obedient and easy to educate. They are ready to fulfill any requirements and commands to please their owners.
  • Cleverness and not conflict. Of course, retrievers are poor watchmen, but good enough protectors. Their speed of thought and reaction is respectable. They will never attack first and will try to get away from conflict or fight. But, if the threat “hangs” over one of the owners, the enemy will not escape trouble. In addition, it is this suit that is most often used for rescue purposes and operations. Saving people is their strong point. They don’t have to hear the command to rush into the river to help a drowning man. The decision comes instantly and it is in their blood.
  • Activity. Goldens are very active dogs, so if hanging out with remote control on the couch is not about you, then feel free to start this breed. They will gladly go on long walks, excursions, or travel and, at the same time, will not cause problems for the owner.
  • Ease of care and unpretentious maintenance. Retrievers are fairly easy to care for. They do not need to be bathed often, the active molting season passes very quickly. In addition, animals are not whimsical in food. They can be fed with both natural food and good quality dry granules.

You can list the positive qualities of the favorites of the whole world for a long time. But, it should be understood that animals have both positive and negative sides.

Golden Retriever – the Cons of the Breed

Of course, like any other breed, the Golden Retriever has disadvantages. But, they are so insignificant that they are practically invisible due to the advantages. Basically, negative qualities are associated not with the complexity of character, but, on the contrary, with the simplicity and sincerity of animals. So, if you are going to get a golden retriever dog, the disadvantages are as follows:

  • Innocence. Animals are like little children in lion’s skin. They don’t even realize how threatening they sometimes seem to others. Therefore, it is important to educate the dog so that it does not jump on people it likes in order to meet, lick, or play.
  • Low watchdog qualities. You should not give preference to this breed if you plan to have a dog to chain in the yard. Due to their great love for people, they simply – simply are not able to treat aggressively the coming, albeit sometimes not asked, guests. Animals are more likely to establish contact and begin to pester with games than begin to defend the home.
  • Activity. Although it is difficult to say plus or minus. If you prefer calm, quiet, and secluded evenings, the dog will clearly be annoying with its presence. After all, retrievers do not like to be on the sidelines and are actively involved in all family events and processes.

Perhaps, for the Golden Retriever breed, the disadvantages of the breed end there. And as you yourself were able to see, they lie exclusively in the characteristics of the character of the animal. No aggression, willfulness, or disobedience. In fact, animals themselves suffer from the fact that they are too open, simple, sensual, and trusting.

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