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Yorkshire Terrier: Pros and Cons of the Breed

The choice of a dog must be approached with all responsibility. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of a Yorkshire terrier breed.

This will help you make the right decision.

Pros of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed

  • Compactness. A dog of this breed will comfortably accommodate even in the smallest apartment.
  • Mobility. You can take such a dog with you almost anywhere. Moreover, it will fit even in a handbag. A big plus is the open doors of cafes and shops for visitors with this breed of dog.
  • Walked. You can train a Yorkie to use the litter box and not take him out “on business” in the early morning and in bad weather.
  • The beauty. Yorkies are adorable pretty cuties, with big eyes and long, shiny hair. It was this plus that made them so popular.
  • Training. Like many terriers, they are quite successfully trainable. With due care, this dog can be taught anything.
  • Playfulness. They are funny and playful dogs. They carry a ball, burrow into a snowdrift, tinker with children and come up with a bunch of fun games.
  • Gets along with children. York is usually friendly with young children, patiently endures their hugs, and has nothing against playing together.
  • The ability to empathize. The little dog will always feel as if their mistress is bad, and will make every effort to console her.
  • Long life. Yorkies live up to 16 years old, sometimes even more. This plus cannot but please the loving owners.
  • Devotion. Such a dog will not forget its owner if it breaks up with him and will always be bored.
  • Cheerfulness. An excellent character trait that will adorn any dog. A big plus for all kind and funny dogs!
  • Outfits. Mini dogs are an outlet for glamorous fashionistas. For Yorkies, there is a large assortment of beautiful clothes at any pet store.

Cons of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed

  • Fragility. These dogs are very prone to injury. For example, a Mini-Yorkie can dislocate his paw by jumping off the couch unsuccessfully.
  • Walking. Mini-Yorkie is not a fan of long walks. In cold weather, you need to dress him warmly, and a small dog is often against this.
  • Reproduction. Mini-Yorkie females are not able to bear and give birth to healthy offspring. Only males are suitable for breeding. This is a significant disadvantage of the breed.
  • Care. To keep the coat long and shiny, it needs regular and thorough grooming. Busy and impatient people should pay attention to this minus. Grooming can be compensated for with a haircut.
  • Voiced barking. They often bark in the apartment and on the street. Despite the small size of the dog, its barking is loud and sonorous. This disadvantage is often noticed by the neighbors of the owners of this breed of dogs.
  • Shit at home. An improperly educated, stressed (for example, in connection with a move), a jealous dog may begin to shit at home by the tray. It is often difficult to wean from this. This minus can sometimes overlap all other pluses.
  • Not suitable for everyone. Unfortunately, in their games, children often injure Yorkshire terriers, especially mini ones, so their communication must be carefully monitored.
  • Power problems. Yorkshire Terriers are very whimsical in their food. Their diet must be monitored very carefully. The downside is the high cost of feed. They are prone to obesity, have hormonal problems. You can often find allergic representatives.
  • High price. A thoroughbred Yorkshire Terrier is not cheap. Mini York is even more expensive. This disadvantage often stops many people from purchasing this breed.
  • Intrusiveness. They are very “sticky” dogs that constantly require attention.
  • Pick up trash and eat it. This is inherent in far from all breeds, for example, against shepherds, this, most often, cannot be said.
  • Teeth. This is the weak side of the breed. You should carefully monitor your teeth – clean and remove tartar, otherwise, the dog may become toothless early.

Expert Opinion

The Yorkshire Terrier is a miniature breed that gets along well even in the smallest apartment. The ability to use a litter box makes this breed even more comfortable for urban realities. Many do not dare to have a dog precisely because it will be cramped in the apartment and that there will be no one to walk with it. The experts’ comments unanimously agree that Yorkies are suitable for people who decide to take a puppy into the house for the first time.

But in another, the reviews differ – some dog handlers claim that these dogs lend themselves well to training, while others note frequent cases of their disobedience. Attacks of hysterical behavior, refusals to go to the tray, ignoring commands are noted. Of course, most often this is individual, although many noted that there are more nervous Yorkshire terriers among the mini subclass.
Some veterinarians have put their “against” Yorkies because of the fragility of their bones and a high degree of susceptibility to injury. They must be closely monitored, and Mini-Yorkies must even be removed from the high couch.

However, the reviews of breeders of this breed and experienced owners say something completely different. They mention the wonderful character of Yorkshire Terriers – their playfulness, good nature, activity, cheerfulness, and love. The shortcomings of the breed pale against the background of their merits – lovers of these babies unanimously affirm.

To understand whether this breed of dog is right for you, you need to objectively assess your financial capabilities, the amount of free time. Answer your questions – will you take care of the dog’s coat on your own or seek help from specialists? Will your Yorkshire Terrier be comfortable, let alone a Mini Yorkie? Will your other animals or small children hurt him? If you weighed everything well and realized that the Yorkie is your breed – congratulations! You will have a cheerful and loyal friend who will bring many happy moments into your life.

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