Beauceron: Upbringing and Attitude

Beauceron (FCI Group 1, Section 1, Standard No. 44) – recognized by the American Kennel Club since 2007.


  • FCI Standard No. 44
  • Group 1: herding dogs and cattle dogs (without Swiss Mountain Dogs), with a working test
  • working-dog
  • independent dog, good herding qualities
  • low hunting instinct
  • Use as a guard and protection dog
  • not a dog for beginners
  • requires consistent training, not to be confused with toughness
  • The Beauceron is on the breed list of potentially dangerous dogs in the Swiss canton of Ticino;
  • keeping it there requires a permit.
  • Life expectancy 12 years +
  • How to pronounce Beauceron

Useful Information

Originally, the Beauceron (Bosseron dog) was used as a packer when hunting sows. They then expanded into herd guarding and herding and later became “K-9 dogs” for use by the police and military.

During the World War, the Beauceron was also used as a messenger dog at the front.

  • Also as a load carrier
  • guide dog
  • medical dog
  • guard dog
  • and as an explosives detection dog, he has proven himself.

A real all-around dog.

Beauceron Beings

The Beauceron is becoming more and more popular among lovers of this breed who are looking for an incorruptible dog endowed with robustness and great endurance. Originally loyal only to his shepherd and essential for guarding and protecting the flock, he now protects the family and their property.

This powerful dog exudes authority, only barking when really necessary. But then with a strong, dark voice. He is friendly towards strangers and at the same time extremely alert. Enormous robustness and health characterize him particularly.

The Beauceron loves to work and works very hard, which is something to keep in mind when bringing this pedigree dog into the home. You should work with him! His area of application ranges from A for agility to Z for customs, at least one companion dog test should be aimed for. Consistently trained, never kept strictly and species-appropriate, the Beauceron is something extremely valuable. He’s a dog who’ll lay his heart at your feet for the rest of his life!

General Appearance

An imposing, strong, powerful, well-built, and muscular dog without any clumsiness. With a sure fearless demeanor and open expression. Never malicious, fearful, or shy. The gait is springy and the hind legs must have double dewclaws on the inside.

  • Height: males 65 cm to 70 cm. Weight: 42-47 kg
  • Height: bitch 61cm to 68cm Weight: 35-40 kg
  • Colors: black with fire (two-tone) so-called Bas Rouge (red stocking) or
  • Arlekin (Harlekin) gray, black and red (tricolor)

Life Expectancy of The Beauceron

The Beauceron is still a healthy, hardy breed with an average life expectancy of 12 years. Typical diseases are not known. Hip dysplasia is under control through strict breeding requirements, but it does happen from time to time.

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