Bolognese: Upbringing and Attitude

The Bolognese is the Bichon of Italy. Its origins merge with those of the Maltese. Already in very early times kept as a delicate, intelligent luxury dog of the upper class of women.

In Roman times it was one of the most valued gifts from the power of this world. Cosimo de Medici (1389-1464) brought 8 Bolognese to Brussels to give away to the Belgian nobility. Bolognese was very popular in the former GDR. After reunification, the eastern breeding stocks were taken over by our association and today represent a valuable blood refresher for the breeding base, which until then consisted of very few dogs.

The breed is very rare today. There are only a few breeders in Western Europe who do everything they can to protect the pedigree dog from extinction.


About 100 puppies are registered in the VDH every year.


Lovely, happy companion and family dog affectionate and cuddly, sometimes a bit serious. These little white guys don’t know aggression. The dwarf, despite its vigilance, is not a barker.

Bolognese Character and Characteristics:

The Bolognese is extremely intelligent and very devoted and loyal to his master or his family. With his charming, cheerful nature and his very affectionate and cuddly nature, he immediately conquers every heart. He is usually reserved towards strangers. He can even turn into an angry guard of the house without falling into constant barking. He is very enterprising and teachable. For older children, the Bolognese is a real little playmate. Despite its small size, it is a robust and hardy dog.


Like all white pooches, the Bolognese requires a little more maintenance. Thorough brushing and combing of the loose, flaky coat are recommended 2-3 times a week. It is especially important to get the puppies used to the grooming procedure, then they will easily learn to keep still and will later enjoy the grooming.

Eyecare is of particular importance to avoid or reduce ugly tear marks. A life expectancy of 12 years is realistic, but Bolognese can live up to 16 years.

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