Build a Feed Tree Yourself

A feed tree offers a very good opportunity for rabbits and guinea pigs to be kept appropriate to their species and looks good in any rabbit or guinea pig enclosure. Forage trees can be bought ready-made, but you can also build them yourself quickly and easily without much effort. We’ll show you how.

Build forage tree: Material

You don’t need a lot of material for the self-made feed tree. All you need is:

  • a drill with the appropriate attachments (for drilling wood and for screwing)
  • two round pieces of wood
  • several thin wooden sticks/branches
  • a wooden board (any size, the two pieces of wood should fit on it so that a cord can be
  • stretched between them)
  • two screws
  • a cord
  • wooden clips
  • possibly a pair of scissors (if you still need to cut the wooden sticks to the right length)
  • Food for rabbits (lettuce, carrots, herbs, pieces of apple…)

These are the materials for a larger feed tree, which consists of two logs with a string stretched between them. As an alternative, you can simply build a feed tree with just one piece of wood. In this case, you need a smaller, possibly also round wooden plate, on which only one piece of wood has to have space in the middle and only one screw.

Build a feed tree: Here’s how

This is how you can make the lining tree yourself in seven steps.

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