Chizer: Chihuahua & Miniature Schnauzer

Chizer is a cross between Chihuahua and Miniature Schnauzer. This unique designer breed with an unusual appearance is gaining more and more popularity every year. This is a lively, active little dog. She can be a good fun companion. However, Chizers can be stubborn and wayward. Let’s find out more about this designer breed!


Depending on which parent the puppy is more like, the Chizer’s appearance can vary. Most often, Chizers are small dogs with a round or apple head, large ears, round button eyes, a dark triangular muzzle, square legs, and a straight back with usually docked tails. Although they look small and weak, they are actually stronger than they appear. Coat color, size, and structure may vary depending on parent breeds. Chizer’s looks are always a surprise! And that makes these dogs amazingly interesting!


Like the parent breeds, Chizer is distinguished by quick wit and accuracy, a desire to study the surrounding space. They have a well-developed memory, it is easy to teach them to perform simple actions, to use household appliances.
When trained to bring small objects, Chizers bring them to the owner as a token of attention. Very smart, Chizers are able to manipulate their owner, using their natural charm and ingenuity. They know how to analyze the relationship with the owner, they often show pride, which translates into stubbornness – this can cause difficulties in education. They do not show cowardice, panic, and hysterics. Chizers are endowed with a strong spirit, carry themselves majestically and bravely.

Chizers are very curious and patient. They enthusiastically explore the entire territory of the apartment, observe the owner with interest: they can watch for hours how he does even monotonous work, reads, or sits at the computer. Representatives of this designer breed are often characterized by activity and mobility, they show an opinion in everything, do not limit themselves in emotional expression for any reason. Chizer will behave suspiciously around strangers, not taking his eyes off the stranger.


Chizer training is not a problem if you approach it consciously and prepared. Chizers are very smart and quite amenable to education, you just need to be able to find an approach. Despite their diminutive size, these dogs have all the qualities inherent in their larger relatives.

If you decide to do the training yourself, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points:

  • Since the size of the dog is not large, the use of all kinds of strict collars is strictly prohibited, as they can injure the larynx. It is better to use a regular harness.
  • Young dogs are very active and inquisitive, so it can be difficult to get them to concentrate. To make the dog interesting, it is recommended to periodically make changes to the exercise complexes.
  • It is also recommended to be persistent and wean your pet from distractions. If Chizer wants to play and you decide it’s time to practice, you need to change your demeanor.
  • Chizer’s education must be based on collaboration. These dogs are stubborn, so it is useless to force them. Puppies are very smart, quickly understand the owner’s desire, and gladly fulfill it.
  • It is important to regularly reward the learner. For Chizer, any reward – a treat, a voice, a toy – is an essential element of training.
  • Chizer doesn’t just like the treat. He will also quickly learn to feel that you are satisfied and will willingly follow commands, even if you do not have a tasty morsel in your hands.


Chizer care depends on its coat. Longer coats will require more thorough and frequent brushing than short coats. A short coat is easier to brush than a long coat. A dog, especially a smooth-haired type, should be brushed only a few times a year, not every day. That is, during molting – this happens in spring and autumn. Bathing the dog is necessary as it gets dirty, but not often. Remember to clean your ears, rinse your eyes, and trim your nails. If not trimmed, the foot may deform, gait will change, and it will hurt your pet to walk.

Chizer dental care consists of daily cleaning with special products. If Chizer smells from the mouth, you need to pay attention to the gums, rinse with decoctions of herbs and consult a specialist in time.

Train the dog to its place, let it be warm and cozy. You can put a pillow or mattress in the house, and the walls should also radiate heat. If the dog is punished, it will go to a place where it will be safe and consider its action. If it’s time for a dog to rest, he knows where to do it – in a cozy house. If you build it yourself, it’s doubly pleasant.


The dog is fed 5-6 times a day when the dog is still 2 months old, but later the portion should be increased and the number of feedings reduced. If you have not yet decided what to feed, know, the most important thing – do not give Chizer 3 prohibited foods – chocolate, pork, and milk. These products are very dangerous and it is not worth discussing, much less trying to give for the sake of experiment.

Some dogs only like canned food and natural food. It is not recommended to mix such feeding, it is better to either feed or natural. If mixed food cannot be avoided, you need to feed alternately – one day like this, the other in a different way. But before such experiments, it is important to consult a doctor and check the pet’s internal organs.


Chizer is often a healthy dog, but can still inherit health problems from its parents. These may include eye problems, urinary stones, myotonia congenital, von Willebrand’s, congenital megaesophagus, patellar dislocation, hypoglycemia, heart problems, tracheal collapse, hydrocephalus, open fontanelle, and tremors. Take care of your pet’s health and contact your veterinarian in a timely manner!


Chizer is a wonderful dog, but it has its own characteristics, so it is better to start socializing and raising the dog as early as possible. Chizer will require a lot of attention. This pet will be a very loving, loyal, and fun friend of the family, and will also be an excellent companion.

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