Dogs With a Cold Should Inhale

Not only do people catch a cold easily in winter, but dogs can also catch a cold too. The animal protection organization “Four Paws” reveals how to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

“When a dog starts to get sick, warmth is extremely important. Make your dog really nice and cuddly at home,” advises Chantal Häberling from the animal protection organization “Four Paws”. In addition, the four-legged friends need rest. Because in addition to sneezing, nasal discharge, and running eyes, colds in dogs are also expressed through tiredness.

At the first sign of illness, you should only take your dog with you for short walks. When wet, it should be rubbed dry. If, in addition to the mild symptoms, the dog suffers from coughing, rattling breath, choking, purulent discharge from the eyes, or increased body temperature, a veterinarian must be consulted.

Inhale in the Box

Otherwise, inhalation is also a good way to relieve colds. Water with sea salt or tea is particularly suitable for this. “Essential oils should definitely be avoided, they can be poisonous for the animal,” warns Häberling.

The easiest way to inhale is when dogs are used to a sleeping or transport box. Lock the animal up, place the pot in front of it and put a thick blanket over the box and pot. This is how a real “inhalation cavity” is created. It is important that the pot is not too close to the box so that it cannot be knocked over. The liquid should be very warm, but not boiling.

Prevent with Vitamins

“To avoid catching a cold in the first place, dog owners should take preventative measures,” advises Häberling. “During the cold season, dogs have an increased need for vitamins and fatty acids – this should be taken into account when feeding. To strengthen the general immune situation, preparations such as echinacea, vitamin C, and aloe vera can be administered via the feed.»

In order to improve breathing air, the installation of air humidifiers has proven itself. In any case, you should avoid using room fragrances, sprays, or incense sticks.

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