Relaxed Camping With Dogs

Summer vacation is the best time of the year. And of course, you want to spend it with your whole family and your dog. Today that is no longer a problem. There are many travel offers that are specially tailored to the needs of dog owners. Camping trips with your own caravan are particularly popular. But what do you have to consider in order to make your beloved four-legged friend as comfortable as possible?

First and foremost, you should offer the dog pleasant comfort on the journey. More and more dog owners are therefore opting for a camping holiday with a mobile home. As a brokerage platform, Campanda offers suitable caravans that are designed exactly for your dog’s comfort zone and allow your beloved four-legged friends a pleasant journey and a comfortable stay.

Wet fur and dog hair in the caravan

Whether it’s a rainy day or a bathing day – wet dog fur can become a real problem in the caravan. Dogs with a lot of undercoats develop a strong odor and make sleeping in the caravan very uncomfortable. A good dog brush and a dog towel can help. Immediately after bathing, the coat should be dried as quickly as possible and combed if necessary. The paws must also be dried for a positive aroma in the caravan. In general, dog hair can be annoying in the somewhat cramped space in the caravan. A vacuum cleaner for the mobile home or regular brushing is recommended.

Is your dog fit enough for excursions?

A camping holiday is ideal for hiking trips or bathing experiences on the beach. But important: Always keep an eye on the condition of your dog. Danger lurks in the water, especially when bathing. If the dog seems tired and slows down, call him back. When hiking, less is often more. Not only should the route not be too hilly, food for the dog should also be packed. A lot of water and a bowl is required if hardly any watercourses are to be expected on the way. Band-aids and tape can be used to treat minor injuries to the balls of the feet.

Protect your dog from excessive temperatures

You know not to leave dogs in a closed car in the summer. They can only regulate their body temperature to a limited extent by panting. This also applies to the dog in the caravan. Therefore, always look for a place that is as shady as possible outdoors for you and your dog and open the windows in the caravan. The four-legged friends also need a shady and permanent place in front of the caravan. It is enough for them to lie in the soft grass and have some water nearby. Dog blankets are particularly useful on sandy and loamy campsites so that the fur does not get too dirty. An outdoor dog blanket is water and dirt-repellent and much more stable than other blankets. For a comfortable feeding place in the caravan, the bowls should be firmly fixed to the floor and at the same time be individually removable. A rubber mat underneath or in front is suitable for better cleaning. The food should be stored as dry and airtight as possible.

We wish you a lot of fun.

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