Elo Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

The Elo dog is a relatively young pedigree animal that, despite its German origin, has not yet become well known in this country. He is the ideal family dog ​​- child-friendly, affectionate and loyal. We want to take a close look at the friendly four-legged friend today!

History of the “Elo Dog”

The breeding history of the Elos began in 1987 in Lower Saxony, Germany. The Elo is therefore a young pedigree dog, which has the advantage that its origins can be fully traced back. The aim was to create a social companion dog. In addition, Chowchows, Bobtails, and Eurasiers, which were already carriers of the desired characteristics, were mated.

By the way: The actual name of the Elos (Eloschaboros) is made up of individual fragments of these original breed names. In order to refine the Elo, the German and Japanese Spitz, the Samoyed, and the Dalmatian were later crossed in.

In this extravagant mix of breeds, all the qualities that a good family dog ​​needs flowed together:

  • social fitness
  • High resistance to irritation
  • serenity
  • intelligence
  • loyalty

When a smaller version of the Elos was bred in 1995, this trait was retained. The small Elo has the same nature as its big brother – it is its counterpart in small. The fact that the Elo decreased in size had to do with the Pekingese and the Spitz (small, medium, and Japanese seats), which had been used in the breeding of the small breed.

Essence and Character

The Elo is considered the ideal family dog. He is balanced, good-natured, and social. His calm temperament helps him get through stressful periods. That’s why it can withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a family with small children.

But: The small Elos can be a bit livelier than the big pedigree dogs! At the same time, the Elo is very customizable. There is hardly a life model with which he cannot come to terms: whether it is a student, a young couple, a large family, or a senior couple.

Elos develop a strong sense of belonging. Therefore, they have no tendency to stray and run away from home. Despite this, they can be alone for a period of time. Because Elo is very intelligent, it can learn any behavior that is genetically predisposed.

The Elo also gets along with other pets, so that it can live in a household with a cat as well as in the midst of a pack of dogs. Because Elo has a watch instinct, he behaves at first distanced towards strangers. But he does not feel fear or aggression. In contrast to other guard dogs, he does not announce visitors with intrusive barking but generally holds back with barking.

Purchase of an “Elo” dog

At the moment there are around 130 breeders in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, and Switzerland. About the Elo® breeding and research community e. V. you can find out where these breeders can be found and when the next litter can be expected.

The fact that the breed is still quite young and rare is also evident from the four-digit price (between 1,300 and 1,500 euros is quite normal for an Elo puppy). Unfortunately, there are hardly any mixed breeds due to the short breeding history, but there is the possibility that there are other mixed breed dogs with visual similarities and parallels in behavior in animal welfare.

Puppy Development and Education

The Elo needs an owner who can lead it dog-friendly. This means the combination of love, understanding, patience, and a self-confident, clear, and consistent appearance. A novice dog can also be able to do this if he gets help from a dog school and gets comprehensive information on the subject of “dog training”.

In general, the Elo is a dog that accepts the rules of humans. However, parenting during puberty can be a little more tiring than usual. This is not specifically due to the Elo, but also affects other pedigree dogs.

Even if the small family dog ​​is not prone to aggression problems or conflicts in rank, you should teach it appropriate social behavior. Puppy play sessions and private dog meetings are particularly good for this. It is important that the composition of the dogs is as different as possible (variance in size, age, and sex) so that he can learn how to deal with different types of dogs.

How Do I Keep an “Elo Dog”?

The Elo is a flexible animal that can live in both an apartment building and a lot in the country. The main thing is that he can move sufficiently and appropriately. Despite his calm nature, he is not a couch potato. Since the Elo is very robust, it is always happy to go outside, regardless of whether it is cold, raining, or snowing. A natural residential area is therefore not a must, but it can be a great advantage in everyday life.

The affectionate pedigree dog feels most comfortable when fully integrated into family life. Whether in a restaurant, on vacation, or in the office – the Elo would love to be there. Being an uncomplicated companion dog with a pleasant aura, he is a welcome companion in all of these places.

The Elo was bred to be the ideal family dog. However, it is up to the parents to train both the dog and the children accordingly. So little kids need to learn how to touch a dog. In addition, the dog needs a secluded resting place. But if living together seems to harmonize in this way, dogs and children should always be accompanied by an adult.

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