All About Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is a multi-talent that can be integrated into everyday family life as well as into professional life. In addition, the friendly mongrel can be a great sports companion. No wonder the Goldendoodle is one of the most popular hybrids!

History of the “Goldendoodle”

The Goldendoodle is made up of purebred Poodles and Golden Retrievers. Both breeds have character (example: intelligence, friendliness) and physical similarities (example: physique), which contribute to the fact that the crossbreed harmonizes so well.

It was precisely this harmonious overall result that the American creators of the Goldendoodle aimed for when they began systematic breeding in the 1990s. In doing so, they joined a current trend movement involving the breeding of new types of hybrids (so-called designer dogs). The Goldendoodle was one of the most popular mixed-breed dogs, partly because of its suitability for allergy sufferers, and is now at home all over the world.

Essence and Character

Since the Goldendoodle is a mixed breed without its own breed standard, it is only possible to a limited extent to predict the character of the dog in advance. The playability ends at the latest in the second generation (Goldendoodle + Goldendoodle).

If purebred Golden Retrievers are crossed with purebred Poodles (Goldendoodle in the first generation), it can be assumed that the Goldendoodle inherits some of the characteristics of both parents. These include:

Family Suitability: Goldendoodles have a strong human affinity. Because of their composure, they get along with both adults and their children.

Performance: The Goldendoodle is persistent and smart. He, therefore, likes activities best that combine cognitive and physical components.

Social Ability: The friendly mixed-breed dog is very social when dealing with its peers. In addition, he has a reputation for getting along with other animals.

Purchase of a “Goldendoodle”

The Goldendoodle is a mixed breed. This has the advantage that the relatives of the Goldendoodle (the Golden Retriever and the Poodle) are possible alternatives, after all the dogs have a similar character and look. If you are not stuck in the expectations of your future dog, you also have the chance to avoid long waiting times and a long journey. In addition, the probability increases that your dream dog already exists in one of the numerous animal shelters. However, the mediation dogs from animal welfare will probably already be adults.

Puppy Development and Training

In the Goldendoodle, the prerequisite for good learning is already firmly established. Although the upbringing is usually unproblematic, the hybrid willing to learn needs an owner who takes on the leadership role. In most cases, the Goldendoodle is happy to accept the hierarchical distribution of roles. Because he is very keen to please his human, he is also a great beginner dog. In the hands of an ambitious dog owner, the Goldendoodle can even be trained to be a service dog. Possible fields of training include working as therapy or guide dog for the blind.

How Do I Hold a Goldendoodle?

For active dog owners, the Goldendoodle can be a great companion. After all, he loves to exercise and spend time together. The mixed breed is a dog that is simply not satisfied with a monotonous everyday life. Therefore, waiting for its owner to return can be problematic. It would be better for the Goldendoodle if their caregiver included them in their daily chores. The hybrid is a dog that finds it difficult to get along without its family.

His commitment is extremely strong. This includes not only the request for contact with adults but also with children or cats. Nevertheless, it should have a quiet place in a multi-person household to which it can retreat if necessary.

The Goldendoodle feels at home wherever it has all of these components. This can be in the country or in a densely populated residential area.

Activities with the “Goldendoodle”

The Goldendoodle is a bright dog that can hold its own in numerous disciplines (e.g. agility or dog dancing). Due to his hunting dog past, he also loves all those activities where he can live out his hunting instinct in a regulated framework (dummy training, retrieving, etc.).

The Goldendoodle is known for being a water rat. Excursions to the water can be a welcome change. Goldendoodles are persistent and love to swim. A long walk along a wild body of water is optimal from the dog’s point of view.

Being very intelligent, the Goldendoodle can use intelligence toys and is quite gifted at learning new things. Due to its good comprehension, the Goldendoodle also works as a versatile working dog. It is always important that the activity corresponds to the physical development of the dog.

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