Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Profile

The Miniature Bull Terrier may look like a smaller version of the Standard Bull Terrier, but it is an independent dog breed with a very special charm. Here you can learn everything about the history, character, and attitude of the breed.

History of the Miniature Bull Terrier

The history of the Miniature Bull Terrier begins in England in 1821. The breed originated from a cross between a terrier and a bulldog, along with the larger Standard Bull Terrier. Gradually, two breeds emerged and the smallest representatives of the breed became the Mini or Toy Bull Terrier. In contrast to its larger relatives, the Mini’s field of activity was not fighting, but hunting rats and martens. The little dogs lived in close quarters with the English workers and their families.

The downforce typical of the breed today was only bred much later to the bull terriers. Before World War I, these dogs fell out of fashion and were even removed from the Kennel Club breed register in 1918. It wasn’t until 1938 that Brit Richard Glyn and a group of like-minded people attempted to bring the breed back to life. They formed the Miniature Bull Terrier Club and set a maximum height at the withers of 35.5 cm. From the 1970s, the Miniature Bull Terrier became increasingly popular in private households and has been a valued family pet ever since. It was not until 2011 that the FCI finally recognized it. Since then he has been part of FCI group 3 and is assigned to the third section, i.e. the bull-like terriers.

Essence and Character

Although the Miniature Bull Terrier is a small dog, it is strong and courageous. The Mini is extremely affectionate and cuddly towards its people. The Miniature Bull Terrier loves to play especially with children and prefers to play all day long. Sometimes you have to slow down the little bundle of energy while playing so that it doesn’t roll over with joy. His stimulus threshold is very high and he is not disturbed by strangers and dogs. Nevertheless, he barks a little more than his larger relative. The breed is very intelligent and has a will of its own that will not be defeated by anything. If something doesn’t suit him, he develops a certain stubbornness and stubbornly goes his own way.

Purchase of a Miniature Bull Terrier

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

The Miniature Bull Terrier is quite undemanding when it comes to keeping it. As long as he gets enough fresh air, he can also be happy in a smaller apartment. Thanks to its size, you can take the little dog with you everywhere. Nevertheless, before you buy, you should be sure that you are up to the task of raising the puppy. The life expectancy of the animals is up to twelve years. So you should be prepared to take care of the dog for this period of time. When looking for a breeder, you should make sure that he is registered with the VDH. For a purebred and healthy puppy, you pay about 1400€. The Miniature Bull Terrier comes in a wide variety of colors. You have the choice between the coat colors white with markings, black, brindle, red, fawn, and tricolor. You should be particularly careful with pure white bull terriers. The animals are considered to be particularly susceptible to disease and often suffer from deafness.

Puppy development and training

Raising a Mini is relatively easy with enough consistency in the right places. Like any other dog, the Miniature Bull Terrier needs consistent and loving training right from the start. He needs a strong leader who shows him where to go and who is always there for him. He reacts to punishment with a defensive attitude. You can get the Mini excited about a playful upbringing with lots of surprises. Monotonously repeated commands bore him quickly and he prefers to find something more exciting for himself. It is essential that he is socialized with other dogs at an early stage so that there are no problems at the dog park or when going for a walk later.

The Miniature Bull Terrier puppy grows until it is three years old and reaches its maximum height of 35.5 centimeters. Depending on their ancestry, one or the other representative of the breed can sometimes become a little larger. Even if the young dog is already very active, you must not overexert the mini in the first months of life.

How Do I Keep a Miniature Bull Terrier?

Activities with the Miniature Bull Terrier

The agile Mini Bull Terrier has a strong urge to move and loves to play. He needs a lot of space to romp and preferably a whole box full of toys. Daily walks are a must, but he is also enthusiastic about jogging or cycling. You can use the Mini to its full potential for dog sports such as agility. Here not only his physical fitness is required, but also the relationship between dog and owner is strengthened. When he has let off steam enough, the four-legged friend also enjoys cuddling and lying on the sofa just as much as we do.

Health and care

A healthy and sporty Miniature Bull Terrier needs a healthy diet with all the important nutrients. But you should make sure that he doesn’t get overweight and that he gets enough exercise. The coat care is not very complex and it is sufficient if you brush it briefly once a week. In terms of health, the breed is very robust and shows no particular susceptibility to genetic diseases. In connection with the pure white coat color, one or the other puppy can be born deaf. So if you want to get a white representative of the breed, I recommend asking the breeder for a hearing test.

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