Thai Ridgeback: Facts and Personality Traits

Avid hunters, these dogs are extremely alert and alert to the slightest threat, so they need to be extra well socialized. Thai Ridgebacks have an enormous jumping ability and should therefore only be kept in very well-fenced plots. They will very quickly find a way to leave the property, which is not properly secured, and then go hunting on their own.

Nature & Temperament

Not only are they very good at jumping, but they are also good at climbing or digging under the fence. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on the dog in any case. There should be TRs who walk without a leash without any problems. However, the Thai Ridgeback has a strong passion for hunting and must be extremely well trained to be retrieved in time.

These are very agile dogs, they need a lot of exercises. He can be kept indoors or maybe even in an apartment but will need long daily walks and exercise. When he’s bored, he can also wreak havoc in the apartment. Some Thai Ridgebacks are trained to be companion dogs or are used in mantrailing.

Problems with the Thai Ridgeback

A close bond with the owner is very important! If this is missing and the Thailand Rideback feels threatened, it can become aggressive towards strangers or its owner. Meeting other dogs can also be ugly. The Thai will quickly attack if he is afraid of other dogs. Conflicts can quickly arise, especially between adult males.

His hunting instinct is fully developed and maintained, he will also kill his prey. Equally developed is his vigilance. He always has his surroundings in view and he reacts to the smallest changes in his familiar environment. Like the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Thai Ridgeback is a very sensitive dog. You won’t achieve anything with him under pressure! He is not necessarily influenced by treats but pursues his goals stubbornly and consistently. His enormous jumping ability can get on your nerves. He almost always finds a way to go his own way and explore the area.


The Thai Ridgeback is a very smart dog. He will always challenge his owner to test how far he can go. Mistakes in training result in hostility toward people or other animals. This breed of dog is not suitable for beginners. The upbringing must be very consistent but still loving. Start socializing very early and keep training times short. The dog wants to be persuaded, you won’t achieve much with pressure.

The owner of a Thai Ridgeback must have a strong personality. Constant training with the dog is necessary to ensure that it respects its family. In the event of mistakes in upbringing, the TR can develop into an aggressive dog.

Thai Ridgeback Attack Dog

The Thai Ridgeback is listed as a potentially dangerous dog breed in the Swiss canton of Geneva; keeping is forbidden there.


The dog breed Thailand Ridgeback is an original dog breed, first documented over 350 years ago. Humans have done little to interfere with this breed of dogs and they are closer to the wolf than other breeds of dogs. The origin of the breed is on the islands in eastern Thailand, where the dog was mainly used as a guard dog and kept the homestead free of vermin and snakes.

Characteristics of an Original Dog Breed:

The dogs have a pointed snout, almond-shaped eyes, erect ears, and long, curving tails. All of these characteristics are combined in the Thailand Ridgeback. Other characteristics of the Thai Ridgeback are its tongue with black pigmentation. But there are also completely black or blue tongues, like the Chow-Chow.

Buy Thai Ridgeback

Buy a Thai Ridgeback puppy from a breeder who will provide the puppies with extensive socialization, exposure to a wide variety of situations and noises, and exposure to a variety of people and animals before they go to their new home.

Keep in touch with the breeder even after you have bought the puppy and do not hesitate to ask for advice if anything is unclear. Take the puppy to dog training regularly and take it with you to visit friends and neighbors. So he will learn what is normal and what is a threat.

Coat Colors

The difference from other pedigree dogs is the stripe on his back. There the hair grows in the opposite direction to the other hairs – the so-called ridge. There are only two other dog breeds that share this trait, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. Phu Quoc belongs to the southern province of Kien Giang in Vietnam.

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