Training with the Tow Line

Every beginning is difficult, so puppies and young dogs first have to get used to new commands. The command “Here” is particularly important for the future.

So that the dog reacts to the “here” and does not run away if you let him off the leash or even go to pens with other dogs, the owner should use a long leash during the learning period. The so-called dragline gives the dog enough space and also ensures safety for the owner. As a rule, the towing line has a length of about 10-15 meters.

In addition to the length, the long leash should also be comfortable to hold and have a rubber coating. Especially with young dogs, a nylon leash can burn your hand very badly when the dog starts to run. A leash made of Biothane is recommended as the material, which neither absorbs water nor picks up dirt. In order for the dog to get used to the leash, it should be put on when eating or cuddling.

A harness should be used instead of a collar during this time because the dog’s neck is particularly hard to pull at the beginning. In addition, the towing line should never be made completely available to the dog at the beginning. 2 meters are enough for the beginning because the dog owner also has to get used to a 10-15 meter leash.

It is particularly important for success that the towing line is always attached to the dog. Whether it’s training or going for a walk. During the first walk, the owner holds the end of the leash in his hand, while the leash slowly unwinds, providing the dog with freedom.

A strong start from the dog is not uncommon, so cycling gloves should protect against burns. Consistent training sessions with the tow line are important and should be maintained. When the dog reaches the end of the leash, it should sit or listen to its owner’s “Here” call.

If he does not do this, then the owner should not pull the dog towards him, but go up to him and pick him up. Of course, rewards should not be missing from this training and should be given at the right time.

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