Belgian Shepherd: Training and Attitude

The Groenendael should be black, only a small white patch on the chest and white markings on the toes are tolerated. The name of the different varieties comes from places in Belgium, as the name suggests, the country of origin of the dogs.


  • FCI Standard No. 15
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Height at the withers: Males: 60-66 cm | Bitches: 56-62 cm
  • Weight: Males: 25-35 kg | Bitches: 20-25 kg
  • fearless protection and guard dog, sensitive
  • extremely lively, alert, very fond of children
  • not a dog for beginners
  • learns fast
  • enormous jumping ability
  • Life expectancy 12 years +


There are four different varieties of the Belgian Shepherd Dog:

  • the Groenendael, long-haired and black
  • den Laeken or Lakenois, reddish-brown and rough-haired
  • the Malinois, red-brown and short-haired
  • and the Tervueren reddish-brown to gray and long-haired.

The dogs belong to FCI Group 1, the herding dogs, are more delicate than the German Shepherd Dog, the height at the bitches is 56-62 cm, for males 60-66 cm. The eyes should be dark brown and almond-shaped and the ears triangular, set as small and high as possible. The Tervueren, the Laeken, and the Malinois must have a dark mask and the so-called “carbonate”, the slight soot-colored to black tinge.


The Malinois is a desirable and excellent working and sporting dog; the Laeken is relatively rare in Germany and even in its country of origin, Belgium, there are very few dogs of this variety. Some well-known breeders can also be found in Holland, Denmark, and Norway.

Belgian Shepherd Character

The Belgian Shepherd Dogs are all extremely lively, alert, very fond of children, and absolutely must be integrated into a family that they can then trust unconditionally. They are intelligent but also very sensitive; they are playful, mostly into old age, and love the water and swimming more than anything.

Our association, the “Belgian Shepherd Dogs Berlin e. V.”, the name of our association dates back to the early days in what was then West Berlin, but in the meantime, our members and breeders are spread across the whole of Germany, so far the two long-haired varieties, the Groenendael and the Tervueren, have mainly been represented. We also look after the Laeken variety and we are also trying very hard to look after the Malinois, but we are currently missing members here, but that will certainly change in the short term.

Belgian Shepherd Character

The Laeken is the calmest representative of the breed. Although he also has the typical irrepressible temperament of the other Belgians, he is a bit more relaxed overall. The Laeken’s coarse hair is said to appear disheveled and is what characterizes the Laeken. Because of this type of hair, he is simply an “exotic” among the Belgians and also among all other dog breeds, but that also makes him particularly interesting.

Due to the particularly pronounced balance, he is also an excellent working dog and he is very well suited as a so-called “service dog”, e.g. B. the police. The two long-haired varieties are also very athletic and are particularly suitable for popular sports and agility. Good results are also occasionally achieved in protection work, but the short-haired Malinois is far better suited for this. However, there are some excellent rescue dogs among the two long-haired varieties.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Grooming

The beautiful long coat of the dog does not require any special care; brush briefly once a week, a little more frequently when she sheds her fur, and her coat always looks well-groomed and well-groomed. Due to its relatively small distribution, the Belgian Shepherd Dog is very healthy; there are hardly any cases of the dreaded HD (hip dysplasia), and no other diseases are known.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy can be up to 16 years, there are/were even older dogs. This health is mainly due to the fact that very strict standards are set for breeding in our association. It may only be bred with HD-free dogs (HD A + B). Our breeders not only attach great importance to excellent genetics, but also to the good and friendly nature of the parent animals. None of our responsible breeders will plan a litter with aggressive or fearful dogs. It is really only bred here to improve the breed, not for reproduction.

So if you are looking for a loving and loyal companion for the next 12 to 16 years, like to exercise a lot in the fresh air in any weather, want a healthy and not yet overbred, aesthetically beautiful dog, you should think about getting a “Belgian” think. If this dog has aroused your interest, we would be pleased if you contact us. We are at your disposal for further information and will let you know about our planned litters.

Or you can simply visit us at one of our exhibitions and see these beautiful dogs for yourself and get an idea of whether you and the “Belgian” are a good match. One of our breeders or a member of our board will certainly be able to find time for you and will be happy to answer any questions or send you information. We look forward to you!

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