English Pointers: Facts and Personality Traits

This breed of dog was used to hunt rabbits and quail as early as the 17th century. The pointing dog probably originated in Spain, further, development took place in Great Britain. The breed is one of the oldest hunting dog breeds.


  • FCI Standard No. 1
  • Origin: Great Britain
  • Height at the withers: males: 63-69 cm | Females: 61-66cm
  • Weight: 25-30kg
  • very sensitive hunting dog
  • friendly being
  • Life expectancy: 12 years +
  • not a dog for beginners

The English Pointer tracks down the game and “points” – it signals the hunter with this typical pointing dog posture. “Here is the booty”. You can see this posture very well in the video below. His hunting skills are already visible at a young age, and he follows the tracks with great perseverance. There is something noble about the pointer, its gait is supple.

Nature & Temperament

Hunting is his passion. His nature is pleasant and he is a very good companion dog. If he is mentally busy and physically challenged, he behaves pleasantly quiet in the house.

In the hands of a hunter, it develops its full potential. Inexperienced dog owners should refrain from buying a pointer puppy. The sensitive hunting dog needs sensitive and consistent training.

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