Goldendoodle: Temperament

The original goal was to breed a hypoallergenic dog that is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The Labradoodle or the Aussiedoodle also arose from this intention. However, current research results show that such a dog does not exist.

Ideally, the coat of the poodle will predominate in the Goldendoodle, so it sheds significantly less than other dog breeds. Ideally, because genetics play a major role and, thanks to Mother Nature, precise predictions about the expected coat texture of the puppies cannot be planned.

Character & Nature of the Goldendoodle

Both dog breeds, poodles, and golden retrievers are considered easy to handle, intelligent, and well-suited as family dogs. These are general statements, every dog ​​is individual and many factors play a role.

  • nature of the parents
  • Imprinting and socialization with the breeder
  • Education by the future owner, based on his dog experience
  • Puppy temperament – ​​strong nerves or nervous

Education of the Goldendoodle

Like every dog, the Goldendoodle needs clear instructions. Consistency and empathy are the keys to a good understanding between humans and animals. If you want to deal in detail with the secret of understanding between humans and animals, I recommend the book “You call me a dog whisperer” by Christiane Rohn.

Employment for the Goldendoodle

The agile dog definitely needs enough activity. Dog sports such as agility or obedience are one possibility. He is also eager to accompany you when jogging or cycling.

This hybrid dog (a cross between two pedigree dogs, a poodle, and a golden retriever) originated in North America.

List Hybrid Dogs

  • Aussiedoodle > Crossbreed of an Australian Shepherd with a Poodle
  • Boxador > Crossbreed of Boxer and Labrador
  • Chiweenie > cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund
  • Cockapoo > Crossbreed of a Cocker Spaniel breed with a Poodle
  • Doxiepoo > crossing a poodle with a dachshund
  • Goldendoodle > Crossbreed of a Golden Retriever with a Poodle
  • Labradoodle > cross between a Labrador and a Standard Poodle
  • Maltipoo > cross between a Maltese and a Miniature Poodle
  • Morkie > crossing a Maltese with a Yorkshire Terrier
  • Puggle = Crossbreed of a Beagle with a Pug
  • Schnoodle > Crossbreed of a Schnauzer with a Poodle
  • Swissy Dog > Crossbreed among the four mountain dog breeds
  • Westiepoo > cross between a West Highland Terrier and a Poodle
  • Yorkiepoo > Crossbreed of a Yorkshire Terrier with a Poodle

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